Ann Hebert Salary and Net Worth 2021- Her Son Name Revealed

Ann Hebert Salary and Net Worth 2021: Her Son Name Revealed Table of Contents
Ann Hebert has resigned as Nike’s vice president after her son misused her powers as Nike’s executive for his own retail business.
Ann Hebert has been working for Nike since 1995 in different positions. It has been over 25 years for her in Nike and is like her second family.
However, the news of Ann’s resignation from Nike as vice president and general manager has raised several questions. Was she involved with her son in his business?
Here is what we know about Ann Hebrt’s reason to resign from the coveted company.
Quick Facts:Name
Ann Hebert
Joe Hebert Nike VP & GM Ann Hebert steps down after Bloomberg Businessweek cover story ties her to son’s sneaker resale business. She oversaw the North America region and SNKRS app, according to Complex. More details in the B/R app.
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Ann Herbert’s net worth as of 2021 is still under review. Working for 25 years from such a prestigious brand, she is likely to have stored enough riches.  
As per her position at Nike, Ann Hebert’s salary was probably around $519,000 per year according to Glassdoor.
However, the exact salary has not been revealed. Her main source of income for the longest time has been Nike.
Ann Hebert’s Son Revealed: What did he do?
Ann Hebert’s son is Joe Hebert and his 19 years old.
Joe had been using his mother’s credit card to buy Nike’s shoes and take discounts in her name to finally sell them for his own profit.
Ann’s son runs West Coast Streetwear which was featured in Bloomberg Business Week.
Reportedly, Joe had been making a lot of profit through his illegal business. Even during the pandemic, the profit was crazy. 
This brought shame to Ann’s family. However, rumors have it that Ann was also involved with her son in this dirty business.
Did Ann Hebert Resign?
Yes, Ann Hebert resigned as the North American head of Nike on 1st March 2021, Monday.
This was after she was accused to have been involved with her son in reselling Nike products.
To this resignation, Nike’s spokeswoman has given an official statement. She said resigning was Hebert’s own decision. The spokeswoman, however, did not want to comment further on it.
Nike is planning to announce the new head for Nike in North America soon. Ann Hebert resigned from Nike after 25 years with the company.
Hebert’s 19-year-old son, Joe, had spent over $132,000 on sneakers using a card in her name before flipping those sneakers for profit.
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