Anthony Davis Says LeBron James Told Him The Lakers Are His Team: “He Tells me, ‘This Is Your Team. This Is Your Time.’ Like, ‘I’m Good. If I Retired Today, I’m Fine.’”

Anthony Davis and LeBron James developed a cool and healthy relationship during their first season together with the Los Angeles Lakers. Despite their heated exchanges on the court, they’ve become very good friends, pushing each other to be better than themselves every game. There is no jealousy between these two men and contrary to other duos, they are very generous with their co-star.

For instance, AD recently revealed LeBron’s message for him during the playoffs, explaining to him that the Lakers are his team now. AD just won an NBA championship and is ready to take this squad to the promised land as the primary star.

Via Dave McMenamin and Malika Andrews of ESPN:

… Throughout the playoff run, a couple of Davis’ teammates called him — not James — the best player in the world.

Does Davis, now 27 with a championship under his belt, believe them?

“Win a couple more championships and win a couple MVPs and get a shoe and …” Davis said, stopping himself with laughter as he listed off the bullet points that James’ CV includes. “That all comes in time. … Like, he tells me, ‘This is your team. This is your time.’ Like, ‘I’m good. If I retired today, I’m fine.’”

LeBron has already cemented his legacy in the NBA. He will finish his career as at least a top 5 player in NBA history but he knows it’s time to start delegating and giving more responsibilities to a great player like Davis is the best start to that. They meshed really well this season; the Lakers are in good hands with these two at the helm.