‘Anti-Karen’ Coffee Shop Backfires As Actual Karens Bombard Store With Complaints


A California-based coffee shop has been hit with numerous complaints from people named Karen after it portrayed itself as ‘anti-Karen’. 

Coffee Dose Cafe, which has shops in Costa Mesa, Irvine, and Los Angeles, regularly shows off its edgy branding and quirky merchandise, with cups alleging to contain ‘anti-b*tch serum’ and describing the drinker as ‘so f*cking zen’.

However, some of the designs put out by the coffee shop ended up catching the attention of one particular demographic: Karens.

See Coffee Dose’s video below:

A sign reportedly positioned outside the shop read, ‘No Karen, you can’t talk to the manager,’ while coffee cups advertised by Coffee Dose describe the beverage as ‘anti-Karen serum’.

In a TikTok video discussing the situation, the café said the sign and cups were ‘just meant to be a play on [its] Anti B!tch Serum’. However, one woman took offence after seeing the sign and ‘went to an actual Facebook group of women named Karen and asked them to boycott’ the shop.

A number of women named Karen decided to oblige to the woman’s request and hit the coffee shop with a wealth of poor reviews, rating the establishment as one star and accusing it of ‘promoting bullying’.

One person wrote: ‘I’d give zero stars if I could. One look at the sign outside that is pure bullying to anyone named Karen is enough to put me off.’

Another comment reads: ‘I can speak to the manager if I want. Seriously tired of businesses using a tired old meme to attract ‘woke’ customers.’

One person went as far as to compare the ‘Karen meme’ to the N-word, writing: ‘I assure that when total strangers make the assumption you’re a racist, animal abuser or gun nut, it is the same.’

The comments have not been enough to encourage the shop to stop using the signs, and in fact it has hit back at poor responses by creating a new sign reading: ‘We survived a pandemic, we’ll survive your sh*tty review.’

Some TikTokers have even suggested the café use the reviews as new designs for their cups.

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