Artemi Panarin Girlfriend and Future Wife Alisa Znarok- Meet Her On Instagram

Artemi Panarin Girlfriend & Future Wife Alisa Znarok: Meet Her On Instagram Table of Contents
Alisa Znarok – Artemi Panarin’s girlfriend and future wife is a rising fashion model. She is popularly known for her fashion and lingerie work.
Alisa is signed to Profile Model Management and MC2 Model Management. 
Znarok belongs to a notable family and is taking the spotlight due to her relationship with Artemi. Fans have already started addressing Alisa as Artemi’s future wife and can’t wait for the wedding announcement. 
Quick Facts:Name
Alisa Znarok
5 feet 6 inches
Fashion Model
Oleg Znarok, Ilona Znarok
Valeria Znarok
Engaged (Artemi Panarin)
@alisaznarok Is Artemi Panarin Married? Girlfriend and Wife
Alisa Znarok, Artemi Panarin girlfriend and future wife to be is quite famous on Instagram. She has over 55 thousand followers and posts at frequent intervals. 
Znarok goes by the username @alisaznarok. And the most amazing news is Alisa has changed her surname to Panarin on her Instagram.
Facts To Know On Alisa Znarok
Alisa Znarok is 26 years old. She was born around the year 1994 in Russia. However, the exact date of birth of Alisa is not known.
Znarok is not yet on Wikipedia. She might feature on it soon looking at her popularity and talent in the world of fashion and modeling.
Coming to Alisa’s father, She is the daughter of Oleg Znarok. Oleg is a professional ice hockey player and coach. 
Similarly, Alisa’s mother is Ilona and her sister is Valeria who is in the marketing field.
Talking about Alisa’s height, She seems to be around 5 feet 6 inches tall. However, there isn’t exact data present on it.
Alisa and Artemi got engaged on 8th May 2019 which was revealed by Artemi on his Instagram handle.
More to her future husband, Artemi has recently decided to take a break from his team New York Rangers. This is because of sexual allegations against him by his former coach, Andrei Nazarov. According to the coach, Artemi assaulted an 18-year-old girl.
Regarding the sexual allegations of her fiance, Alisa has not broken her silence. There isn’t any statement from Artemi’s future wife.