Athlete Gets Body-Shamed Online, Responds With Swimsuit Pics

It seems that these days, no one is safe from cruel comments. Not even the stunning Olympian and retired skiing superstar named Lindsey Vonn. The statuesque athlete, 36, just revealed how hard she has struggled with confidence and self-image since she has been the target of body-shamers online.

After Lindsey posted a couple of bikini pictures from her 36th birthday getaway in a tropical location, she confessed that “it is scarier than it seems.” In fact, in a lengthy caption, she went on to say to admit that the criticism “sometimes hurts me.”

Lindsey’s Facebook post with a powerful message received 57k reactions and 4.1k comments, with people praising the athlete for opening up and spreading some much-needed body positivity.

The skiing superstar Lindsey Vonn has recently become a target of cruel body shamers

Lindsey responded with this lengthy Facebook post and inspiring message of body positivity

The athlete also shared snapshots of harsh comments shaming her appearance

Image credits: Lindsey Vonn

And people praised Lindsey for putting it all out there