Belgian doctors with COVID-19 asked to keep working to avoid hospital system collapse

According to reports, Belgian doctors with COVID-19 have been asked to keep working in hospitals in the city of Lige.

Those who are asymptomatic have had to return to work in order to stop the collapse of the hospital system.

The Head of the Belgian Association of Medical Unions, Dr. Philippe Devos, told the BBC the decision was necessary.

He said it will prevent the hospital system from collapsing within a matter of days.

The announcement comes as around a quarter of medical staff in the city of Lige is off sick with the virus.

Dr. Devos said they are aware of the obvious risk of the virus being transferred to the patients in the Eastern Belgian city.

Hospital, Liege, Belgium

Health officials in Belgium have confirmed that one in three people tested is coming back positive for COVID-19.

Hospitals have had to transfer patients elsewhere in order to deal with the influx as the second wave drives on.

They have also had to cancel all non-urgent surgeries to save the hospital system from its impending demise.

The decision has been made as many other European countries have had to make drastic changes to deal with the second wave.

Here in Ireland, 3 deaths were reported this evening, bringing the death toll to 1,885.

939 new cases have also been confirmed by health officials in the last 24 hours.

There has now been a total of 58,067 cases in Ireland since the beginning of the pandemic.