Beto O’Rourke Wilts When Pressed on His Gross Political Stunt in Uvalde – Opinion

Beto O’Rourke might be the most unimpressive politician currently on the circuit, if it weren’t for Kamala Harris. He is running again to become the governor of Texas, the man who failed in his attempts at the Senate and Presidency elections. He attempted to restart his failed Texas gubernatorial run by cursing Greg Abbott in a press conference that covered the tragedy in Uvalde.

Beto entered the theater in a totally staged act after the two others involved got up and left. Beto then tried to shout at the audience, much to the amusement of ActBlue fans and MSNBC broadcasters. That led to some rather colorful language from Uvalde’s mayor, who let it rip in response to the gross scene.

But while Beto plays the alpha when he knows the press will praise him without question and he’s able to play his pre-planned role, he morphs into a beta the moment he’s pressed on anything. That’s what happened when a personality and investigative reporter named Drew Hernandez confronted him on Friday. Here’s what that looked like.

Certainly, Hernandez’s techniques are a bit unorthodox, as he begins to shout at Beto that he’s a beta for refusing to answer his questions, but is that really any more out of line than what Beto himself did on Wednesday at that press conference? Of course, it’s not. Beto was able to taste his own medicine and instead of standing tall, began to cower, continuing only to acknowledge the fawning.

If he were truly the man he claims to be, he wouldn’t ignore the Uvalde families who let it be known that they didn’t appreciate his fundraising ploy. But he’s not the man he claims to be. Rather, he’s your typical wealthy, spoiled politician who continues to fail upwards, at least in the eyes of the press, because he plays for the “right” team.

And in the end, he’s going to get clocked again in November. Beto is an illusion. He’s a dumpster fire of a politician who can’t hold a consistent position (he’s flip-flopped on guns multiple times over the campaign) and who repeats talking points with all the proficiency of a high-school debate drop-out. Although I love Beto, the network news anchors are not able to replicate his behavior across Texas. I wonder what Beto will do when Abbott loses by 10 points within six months. I suppose there’s always another grifting campaign to run.