Big Brother- Carlos Charlie Castro Age, Girlfriend Net Worth and Instagram Bio

How Old Is Carlos Charlie Castro? Everything To Know About The Big Brother Contestant Table of Contents
Perth-based Carlos Charlie Castro takes a spot as a Big Brother contestant at the age of 39. Bringing his big heart and positive attitude to the show, he is determined to stand out in the game.  
Nicknamed as loco, Carlos Charlie Castro is a teacher/tutor and dancer by profession. 
Furthermore, Castro is not limited to only one thing as he is also engaged as a journalist, blogger, chef, radio host, and finally as a life coach.
Now an Australian citizen, he is originally from Columbia.
Quick Facts:Name
Carlos Charlie Castro

Columbian- Australian
Net Worth

@charliecolombia How Old Is Big Brother Contestant Carlos Charlie Castro?
Big Brother cast Carlos Charlie Castro’s age is 39 years old as of 2021.
His star sign is Libra which means his birthday lies between September 23 – October 22. From the simple calculation, Castro’s birth year is 1981.
Who Is Carlos Charlie Castro Girlfriend?
Carlos Charlie Castro has not disclosed his girlfriend’s name in the public.
Even his social media posts failed to give info about his dating matters. We only came to find that he is a dog-lover and owns two dogs named Denver and Tokyo.
However, as per his bio on 7news, the reason behind Castro seeking to win in the show was because, with the prize money, he and his partner could achieve their dream of becoming parents. This implies that he does have a girlfriend. What Is Carlos Charlie Castro Net Worth?
We are clueless about Carlos Charlie Castro’s net worth as before entering the Big Brother house, he was a non-public figure.
But, after joining the reality show, he would be earning $75 per day as an allowance, as per News. This means if he could stick to the house for a month, his pay would equal $2,325 on monthly basis.
In the same way, he would get $250,000 prize money if he could survive throughout the game without being eliminated. Is Carlos Charlie Castro On Instagram?
Carlos Charlie Castro is available on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with 1709, 508, and 139 followers, respectively.
Lately, his Instagram could be seen filled with his dogs’ snaps and videos.