Bill Simmons Claims LeBron James “Dislikes” Stephen Curry: “There’s One Person That Dislikes Him. LeBron James.”

LeBron James and Stephen Curry are the most influential players in the NBA for the last couple of years. They were part of the NBA Finals in almost every edition of the 2010s, winning fourth and three titles, respectively. Whenever you see them, they’re joking, but that could be just a lie.

These two were born in the same hospital in Akron, Ohio, which is the biggest coincidence for these two. One imagines and believes they get along very well, but Bill Simmons doesn’t think everything is that well for the pair. During a recent edition of The Bill Simmons Podcast, the former ESPN talent was joined by Jackie MacMullan and they discussed LeBron’s rumored dislike of Curry.

“Steph is the most lovable superstar maybe ever. No one gets mad at Steph, no one dislikes Steph,” MacMullan said.

“Well no, there’s one person that dislikes him,” Simmons interjected. “LeBron.”

“It’s a read between the lines,” Simmons said. “There’s definitely an iciness with them.”

This is very curious to know given the fact that they’re always giving flowers to each other. Last year, James stated that Curry would be great in any era of the NBA, while Curry praised the King ahead of their first matchup this season, expressing his admiration for the player and how well the Lakers are playing right now.

It’s hard to believe that but you never know, this is the NBA and anything can happen. People didn’t even believe Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant were friends until they teamed up in Brooklyn so perhaps it’s a similar situation for Bron and Curry. It’s hard to know and it’ll be impossible to see these two admitting they hate each other.

As for now, all we have is rumors and what Simmons believes is the reality between LeBron and Curry.