Billie Eilish Debuts Stunning Cover Of The Beatles’ ‘Something’

Billie Eilish is back with another stunning Beatles cover.

Less than a year after her performance of “Yesterday” at the Oscars, the 18-year-old singer has performed her own rendition of the classic “Something”.

As a part of her live session with SiriusXM, Eilish debuted her sultry cover of the love song. She also performed her own tunes, “Therefore I Am”, “Everything I Wanted”, and “Ocean Eyes”.

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Eilish’s brother Finneas also joined in on the performance.

“Everything about every song is very different but somehow cohesive,” Eilish teased of her upcoming album. “I think that was, kind of, the same with the last album.”

She added, “We really want to project to be cohesive and make sense but not just be a repeat and a clone of every other song.”

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Listen to the full interview and performance here.