Billy Porter Speaks Out On The Importance Of Black Trans Lives

Billy Porter stopped by “The Kelly Clarkson Show” to discuss the Black Trans Lives Matter movement.

The “Pose” star said at first, he received “heat” for his video that called out the Black community for not supporting trans women.

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“The relationship the Black community has with the LGBTQ community is not good,” Porter said. “And trans women of colour are dying at the hand of cis Black men at an alarming rate. What I am saying is, it is a simple do what unto metaphor. We want someone to stop killing us, we need to make sure we have our house in order.”

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“I’m a gay man, but I’m a Black man first. Until Black people understand that, we are going to be in the quagmire going around and around,” he added. “You can’t expect someone else to change until we look at ourselves and make that transformation in ourselves.”