Biography- Fancy Acholonu Age - How Old Is Alex Ekubo Girlfriend Turned Fiance?

Fancy Acholonu Age – How Old Is Alex Ekubo Girlfriend Turned Fiance? Table of Contents
Fancy Acholonu is the girlfriend of Alex Akubo, who recently turned into his fiance. Get to know about her age and other info.
Alex Akubo is a Nollywood actor who recently asked the most awaited question to his girlfriend, Fancy Acholonu. And as a reply to his question Fancy said a big yes.
After she replied yes to his question, both are determined to find a ring in the future and spend rest of the life with one another as husband and wife.
Fancy shared this astonishing news via her official Instagram page. Just like her actor fiance, she is also in the same field as she works as a model/actress.
Fancy Acholonu Age: How Old Is Alex Ekubo Girlfriend Turned Fiance?
Actress/Model Fancy Acholonu’s age is still a mystery as of now.
However, she seems to be younger than Alex who is 35 years old.
She was born in Los Angeles, and she grew up there. Though she was born in Los Angeles, her roots are from Nigeria.
Her parents are from Nigeria, and her ethnicity is Nigerian. She is the third one among the six children. Fancy Acholonu Wikipedia
Fancy Acholonu’s is yet to land on Wikipedia.
Though Fancy’s biography is not on Wikipedia, her boyfriend’s updated biography is available on Wikipedia.
We can find a well-maintained page on IMDb under her name.
Her full name is Chigozie Fancy Acholonu. As per her IMDb, her nickname is Fancy Tracy.
She has 6 credits as an actress. Her latest work was in 2017 on a TV series named Lethal Weapon, where she portrayed April.
Acholonu owns her own company, which promotes aspiring models. She has also been a role model to many girls. Fancy Acholonu Instagram
We can find Alex’s fiance Fancy Acholonu on Instagram with huge followers.
Fancy’s Instagram is verified, i.e., she has already received a blue tick from Instagram.
She follows 430 people from her id, whereas she has posted 594 posts to date.