Blindboy encourages the public to wear face coverings "to protect others"

With the commencement of Phase Three yesterday, it is now mandatory to wear face masks on public transport

As "The Goblin of Strange and Uncertain Times" continues to remain actively present in our society and is speeding up globally, Blindboy is encouraging the public to wear face coverings.

Yesterday with the commencement of Phase Three of the Government's Roadmap it became mandatory to wear face coverings on public transport.

While it isn't mandatory to wear face masks in shopping centres, supermarkets or retail stores it is highly encouraged by the Government to do so.

Covering your mouth and nose helps keep others safe and limits the potential for a person to spread germs.

The Limerick native who is a podcast host and author took to Twitter to voice the importance of face coverings.

He wrote: "Remember, as we enter the great reopening. Wear a cotton face covering to protect others, not yourself.

"If you don't wear yours it makes another persons effort null. Think of at risk people. Let's Co-operate together to minimise the second wave."

The Health Service Executive recommends that people wear cloth face coverings in situations where staying 2 metres apart is difficult to maintain such as stores and shopping centres.

In addition, the HSE also advises to wear them around when visiting the medically vulnerable and people aged 70 or over.

A spokesperson for the HSE said: "Wearing a cloth face covering in public may reduce the spread of coronavirus in the community.

"It may help to reduce the spread of respiratory droplets from people infected with coronavirus.

"Cloth face coverings may help to stop people who are not aware they have the virus from spreading."