Bob Odenkirk Thought ‘A Lot About’ A Nicolas Cage Movie While Filming The Final ‘Better Call Saul’ Episodes

What’s the worst thing that Jimmy McGill / Saul Goodman / Gene Takovic has done over six seasons of Better Call Saul? Was it attempting to ruin Howard Hamlin’s reputation? Was it drugging rich guys to steal their information? Was it hiding a battery in his brother’s pocket? No, no, no. It was lying to poor Marion, played by the legendary Carol Burnett, who just wants to watch her cat videos in peace. Instead, she’s part of Gene going deep into his “craziness,” as Bob Odenkirk put it in an interview with TV Insider.

The Emmy-nominated actor obviously wouldn’t give away him any specific details about the Saul series finale, which airs tonight, but he did share the movie that was on his mind while filming the final batch of episodes. “At a certain point, he was driven by self-destruction. I thought a lot about that movie, Leaving Las Vegas, this most recent round of Jimmy’s scam that included Marion,” he said, referring to the 1995 Sin City-set addiction drama starring Nicholas Cage, who won his only Oscar for his performance, and Elisabeth Shue, who was nominated for an Oscar. Odenkirk continued:

“The crime regarding getting these rich guys drunk and stealing their private information. That was the round of Jimmy/Saul scamming that was just unhinged. I feel bad that he made that choice, but I will say this. I feel wonderful and excited and thrilled about what the writers came up with regarding the finale.”

The final episode of Saul better have at least one Sheryl Crow song.

(Via TV Insider)