Brie Larson Gives Her ‘Stamp Of Approval’ To Gymnast Laurie Hernandez’s Captain Marvel-Inspired Leotard

Brie Larson is sending her super-powered “stamp of approval” to an Olympic gold medalist who’s drawing inspiration from “Captain Marvel”.

Gymnast Laurie Hernandez took to Twitter to share her new competition attire, a leotard modelled on Larson’s superhero costume.

“ok so i told some of y’all that my leos i designed for this year are all inspired by superheroes… here’s the first one,” Hernandez wrote, tagging Larson’s Twitter handle, adding, “queen do u approve??”

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Larson did indeed, and tweeted a sweet reply.

“Consider this my formal stamp of approval!!” Larson wrote. “Watching and wishing you strength in your return!”


Hernandez responded, writing, “Ahh thank you! when the pandemic is over… we should play mario kart or zelda together.”

“DONE,” Larson replied.