Business Website Strategies: What The iGaming Industry Can Teach SME's

In 1994 Antigua and Barbuda published the Free Trade and Processing Zone Act. This legislation allowed licensed businesses to create and operate an online gambling platform. 

With an optimistic outlook for the iGaming sector's future. Many entrepreneurs grasped the opportunity to create a legal gambling site. 

For the go-getters, their investment paid off. Today, the online gambling industry is worth 66.7 billion US dollars, and it's set to grow to 92.9 billion US dollars by 2023.

Many SME owners are keen to understand how iGaming companies have gained exponential growth over the years. 

And so, here are seven key pointers that have enabled the iGaming sector to flourish. Which SMEs can use to bolster their own online presence, sales, and reputation.  

Generous Welcome Offers

Competition in business is plentiful. As such, enticing new customers can prove challenging. 

Successful iGaming companies grab newcomers' attention by offering generous welcome offers and incentives. Such as free credits to play, matched deposits, and free spins.

SMEs could use this method to attract new business. For instance, they might offer a free sample of their service, an e-book, or a significant discount.

Build A Blog

An insightful and engaging blog is beneficial to businesses. It ensures a company's website can get found on Google by boosting a website's presence in the organic listings.

People use Google to solve a myriad of problems. Suppose you can provide answers to those problems which in some way relate to your audience. You can hook your reader in to browse your offering on your website. 

For example, when an online user searches for 'real money poker' online. You'll see sites such as 888 Poker appear at the top of the SERPs (search engine results page).

Once a customer clicks on the site. They will also have the option to browse, trial free games, and use the enticing welcome offers on-site.

A blog also works to enhance the iGaming brand's credibility. Demonstrating a company's knowledge and expertise in the sports betting and casino realm.

According to Contently, 62% of customers are more likely to buy something from a business that has fresh, regular, authentic content to read.

Therefore, if your company doesn't yet have a blog on your website, it could be time to make one.

Data Analytics

Businesses can't afford to remain stagnant. They must look for new ways to move forward, appeal to the market, and adapt.

iGaming businesses regularly investigate new ways to improve their online presence with data analytics.

By researching its users' behaviour online, such as what games are played the most and least and what incentives draw in the most newcomers. The iGaming sector can stay one step ahead in the market and adapt its offering to its customers' wishes. 

SMEs can also use data analytics, such as Google Analytics for their website to improve their business. And ensure their product connects with the intended audience not just today but in the future.

Mobile Optimized Website

In 2014, Google announced mobile-friendly sites would gain precedence in the SERPs.

Having a suitable site for users to view, use, and play on across all devices is one of many attributes successful iGaming companies have in common. 

iGaming websites such as 888casino, for instance, roll with the technological changes such as Google's Mobilegeddon proposal. To ensure they are providing the best online experience for gamers.

According to Hitwise, almost 60% of all online searches take place on mobile. Therefore, if your website isn't mobile optimized, it could be losing a lot of online traffic and sales. 

This is another point where it helps to follow the iGaming industry's lead and start investing in a mobile-optimized site. 

Consistent Branding 

If the brand, the message, visuals, and values of the company are unclear. Expecting customers to remember or distinguish one SME from another is too much.

iGaming companies adopt short, memorable, and relevant company names. Plus, each brand's website's aesthetics are often simple, attractive, and consistent throughout its marketing material. This method allows iGaming companies to build a strong brand presence and familiarity online. 

Familiarity gives customers reassurance a particular brand is reputable and safe to use.

Equally, a compelling, consistent brand can enhance the image of SMEs too.

Trust, Safety, and Security

Trust is at the forefront of whether a customer chooses to buy from a business.

iGaming businesses are responsible for protecting customers' credentials. Such as copies of a customer's ID and their banking details. 

As such, the user needs to trust an iGaming platform before paying money. And so, iGaming businesses work tirelessly to create a safe and secure online platform for customers to browse, play and place bets. 

Here are a few of many ways they do it:

Licenses: To prove they are operating safely and legally. The iGaming industry must apply for permits and pass audits. 

At the bottom of a casino website, visitors can view a platform's licenses. Which gives customers reassurance an iGaming platform is safe to use. 

Age Limits: To protect young and vulnerable people from indulging in adult games. Depending on the area the gambling site operates in. iGaming businesses prohibit underage persons from placing bets.

Payment Options: iGaming sites offer secure payment options, such as PayPal and Skrill. Trusted payment methods give customers the confidence to pay and play.

SMEs should also be mindful of creating a trustworthy and safe place for people to subscribe and make purchases. They can do this by:

  • Gaining accreditations relevant to their sector and display them on their website 

  • Offer a range of secure payment methods

  • Provide excellent customer service channels

Researching and using strategies from booming sectors, such as the iGaming industry. Is beneficial to help SMEs, determined to succeed and prosper, find their way. And enhance their reputation, increase sales, and grow trust online.