Can We Cancel SOMEbody? Bhad Bhabie Is Getting Dragged By Her Mayo-Tipped Box Braids For Insulting Black Women

JMBLYA Dallas 2019

Source: Gary Miller / Getty

Get Bhad Bhabie Out Of Here

Bhad Bhabie is the patron saint of culture vultures. She was born out of a desire to pretend she is a black girl and get all kinds of money and fame from it. We still can’t believe she is actually freaking making it. She’s been eating at the cookout for far too damn long. Now it’s really time for her to go.

Bhabie has come under fire for her hair choices and how it appropriates black women hair and as we saw, she chose the opportunity to insult black women.

I’ll never forgive y’all for giving Bhad Bhabie clout… she literally just contradicted herself.

— Simone S. (@i_cannot_24) December 4, 2019

Everyone is f***ing fed up with her and rightfully so. Let’s get her the hell out of here. See the most brutal beatdowns that she has definitely earned…