Chicago Comedian, Erica Watson, Dies at 48

(Photo credit: @MissPoundcakes Instagram)

Beautiful. Funny. Kind. Generous. Immensely creative. The words that describe the Chicago born actress and comedian, Erica Watson, could go on and on. Unfortunately, the laughs stopped on Saturday February 27, 2021, 1 day after Watson’s 48th Birthday, when she passed away.

According to her social media, Erica Faye Watson died due to complications from COVID-19. She was living her best life in Jamaica, wrote friend and frequent collaborator, Lynx Garcia. Garcia went on to explain that Watson had found love, just recently got married a month prior and was well on her way to getting healthy. But then she contracted COVID and her health started to deteriorate from there.

Erica was a friend to many. On a personal note, she was a friend to me. Growing up in the same high school and I followed her to the same undergraduate institution, I personally saw Erica’s star continue to rise over the years.

From writing, creating and directing major plays, TV pilots and even acting in some major motion pictures, Erica still remained humble. She was the type of person that would still answer your calls, still try to help you out if she could–all while cracking you up with funny story after funny story.

Back in 2014, Watson briefly wrote for us here and received much praise for creating an authentic voice for plus-sized women. She wasn’t afraid to embrace her size and never shrunk her larger-than-life personality for anyone. It was one of her many superpowers.

On Monday, March 1, Watson was honored by the popular Chicago talks show, Windy City LIVE, where she frequently co-hosted.

Watson was also a frequent contributor to Windy City Live with hosts Val Warner and Ryan Chiaverini. Warner said when Watson was slated to be on the show she knew it was going to be a good episode and recalled their chemistry similar to “Pippen and Jordan.”

Known as miss_poundcakes on Instagram, Erica was always an advocate for body positivity. As a full-figured woman, she was known for speaking about the joys of intimacy on the social media platform and hosted a YouTube series titled, Night Cap with Erica, during which she would speak with various guests and discuss her experiences living in Jamaica.

(Photo credit: @MissPoundcakes Instagram)

An outpouring of love, admiration and condolences flooded social media upon learning of her passing. Fellow comedians, agents, actors, entertainers and friends showed their love for her. It was heartwarming to see just how many lives she crossed paths with and left her undeniable mark.

“I had the privilege of learning of Erica as a freshman at U of I,” posts Lindsey Dates on Facebook. “I was a nobody freshman. She was