Chris Hemsworth And This Quokka Are Best Friends

Chris Hemsworth and Quokka would make for a great buddy-cop film.

The Australian “Avengers: Endgame” actor enjoyed a trip to Rottnest Island in Western Australia. There he met a new friend, one of the island’s many Quokkas.

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Quokkas are small macropods about the size of domestic cats. “Got my first Quokka selfie this week at Rottnest Island,” Hemsworth wrote on Instagram. “Epic little creatures are all over the island just cruisin’ through the day doin’ their thing.”

It turns out, these little fuzz balls take great selfies. Hemsworth and his wife Elsa Pataky took a separate photo with the cuddly Quokka.

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Hemsworth, 35, even played a little “Lady and the Tramp” with the Quokka, passing some food from his mouth to its. It seems he even got a little smooch for his efforts!

As it so happens, “Thor” is not only the Norse God of Thunder but also the Norse God of Quokkas.