Christo Nickolas- Terry Nickolas Boxer Brother, Why Is He Arrested?

Who Is Christo Nickolas? Why Is The Brother Of Boxer Terry Nickolas Arrested? Table of Contents
Christo Nickolas, brother of the famous amateur boxer Terry Nickolas, has been arrested on the charges of money laundering and drug possession. 
Christo Nickolas is an Australian man arrested two days ago and is most known for his brother Terry Nickolas.
Christo was arrested with a total of 95 others with 3.7 tonnes of drugs, 104 arms and ammunition, and $44 million in cash.
The Australian Federal Police (AFP) completed their Operation Ironside, which begun in 2018.
Why Is Terry Nickolas Boxer Brother Christo Nickolas Arrested?
Christo Nickolas was arrested with 48 others on the same night. The AFP raid them at 5:30 early in the morning.
The police found 90 kg of crystal meth, 50 liters of fantast or liquid ecstasy, 350 kg of marijuana, and about 10,000 ecstasy or MDMA tablets.
The police have also charged them with a possible murder conspiracy. THREAD: AFP-led Operation IRONSIDE is a long-term, international, covert investigation into serious organised crime and outlaw motorcycle gangs allegedly responsible for large-scale drug importations, drug manufacturing and attempts to kill.
— AFP (@AusFedPolice) June 8, 2021 Multiple personnel responsible for trafficking, smuggling, dealing, manufacturing, money laundering were arrested in a single raid.
Nicklos was arrested for money laundering. The AFP reported the operation was a long-term international investigation comprising of organized crimes.
The AFP came up with a discreet strategy targeted to spot worldwide organized crimes.
The AFP also worked in collaboration with the FBI. They took down the encryption software ‘Phantom Secure’ used by the criminals.
They also installed an app called ANoM without the criminals noticing.
The app helped the team to decrypt the messages sent to and fro the underworld.
Operation Ironside has made 224 arrests to date and hopes to make more arrests in the upcoming days.
Christo Nickolas Age: How Old Is He?
Christo Nickolas’s age is 32 years old.
Unfortunately, his exact birth detail is hidden from the web.
Christo Nickolas Family And Instagram
Christo Nickolas is from Ascot Park. His brother Terry Nickolas is an amateur boxer in Australia.
Christo has a private Instagram profile at Looking at his display picture, it seems that Christo has a girlfriend as well.