Cllr David McManus calls for "consequences" after RTÉ gathering

The national broadcaster has issued a statement following an RT gathering occurring during Level 5 restrictions

Deputy Mayor of South County Dublin, Councillor David McManus, has called for "consequences" after RT's farewell gathering for a colleague.

The event occurred on November 15 which saw RT presenters posing for photos without wearing face masks.

RT stars including Bryan Dobson, Miriam OCallaghan, David McCullagh and RT News Managing Director Jon Williams have apologised for their "serious lapse of judgement".

In a statement, RT said that while social distancing was observed at last week's gathering, "a number of those present briefly posed for a photo with their departing colleague, before returning to work".

The statement continues: "These contacts were not close contacts as defined by HSPC guidelines.

"They were brief casual contacts, which while well-intentioned, were unnecessarily risky and should not have happened."

This evening Cllr McManus has said, "RT must show there are consequences or its double standards".

RT gathering Image credit: Facebook

In a statement, he said: "The RT statement fails to mention if any lessons will be learnt or if any individuals will face any consequences at all from this fiasco.

"Two RT presenters that breached guidelines were at work today (Friday) and appeared on radio and television which signals that they will face no consequences. All they can offer is an apology, but its just words."

His statement continues: "Phil Hogan resigned but will RT be held to account? If not, its double standards.

"Ordinary people cannot visit other households, they cannot attend mass - meanwhile RT staff threw a party and posed for photos.

"It looks like the state broadcaster lives in another universe. There are great staff in RT and unfortunately, they have been let down by some presenters and the inadequate response to this fiasco by RT management.

"Ultimately, politicians are accountable to the people every five years at the ballot box. Who is RT accountable to for the 189 million in state funding that they receive?"