Cork students suspended for breaching COVID regulations

Several students at University College Cork (UCC) have been suspended for breaching the college's rules on public health relating to COVID-19.

UCC has released a statement confirming that 11 of their students have been suspended on a temporary basis for alleged breaches of student rules relating to COVID-19.

Campus Watch, the university's student disciplinary body, is said to have received many complaints relating to alleged breaches of the Student Rules.

They explain that hearings are underway for many of those cases but due to the ongoing nature of the instances, they are not in a position to discuss them.

However, UCC confirms that "in 11 cases a temporary suspension has been put in place pending the outcome of a hearing, as per the Student Rules".

The statement outlined that there were "over 50 support services are in place to support students at this time and UCC will continue to work together with its students, its community and the local authorities at a challenging time for our society".


In a subsequent email to all those currently enrolled at the university, UCC President John O'Halloran urged students to avoid gatherings or other such events that could lead to breaches of public health advice aimed at limiting the spread of COVID-19.

As per UCC Student Rules, breaches can result in an informal resolution on the first instance only, usually handled by the Campus Watch.

"Their options may include completing the in-house educational Bystander Intervention Programme and the Alcohol Education Programme, or completing just one of these two programmes and paying a 25 charitable contribution instead.

"Any student who opts out of doing either of these can pay a 75 charitable contribution instead."

Meanwhile, more serious complaints are handled by the Student Disciple Committee, with the UCC outlining the potential penalties for people found to be in breach of their guidelines.

"These options include fines, suspension, removal of library and/or computer facilities, prohibition to access to campus for a determined period or, in cases of a serious breach of Student Rules, expulsion.

"Students have a right to appeal the decision of the Disciplinary Panel."

If a complaint is upheld penalties are then laid out in accordance with the above.