Counterfeit Bars: Detroit Rapper Gets Busted For Trying To Sell Credit Card Fraud Tips To Feeble Finessers

People Passing Credit Card

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He Promoted His “Services” On Social Media

One Detroit rapper tried to school gullible customers on the ins and outs of credit card fraud. But of course in the end, they too got scammed.

According to Click On Detroit, Jonathan Woods, a.k.a. “Selfmade Kash” constantly bragged on social media and in his songs that he was the king of committing credit card fraud, according to federal officials.

Authorities said he hailed himself as the greatest “swiper” of all time, and he charged other people for info on how to become the ultimate finesser as well.

Too bad he caught.

“Woods claimed to be sophisticated at credit card fraud when, in fact, he is not,” a charging document reads.

Officials said Woods would tell ALL his business on platforms like Twitter and Instagram, posting videos of large amounts of money, credit cards and credit card skimmers to promote is fraudulent proclivities.

“He also includes emojis for credit cards and a goat to represent the ‘greatest of all time’ and hashtags such as #Bins, #Bitcoins, #cvv, #dumpswithpin, #ScamLikely and #swipegoat,” court documents said.

So, of course, there was no way authorities weren’t on his tail.

Detroit rapper 'Selfmade Kash' accused of often bragging about his credit card fraud skills

— Local 4 WDIV Detroit (@Local4News) March 7, 2019


The “Swipe Goat” eventually started selling his supposed swiper expertise to people over the Internet between May 2017 and May 2018.

He would tell them what bank identification numbers, or BINs, to use. Unfortunately, the info was in fact worthless, and many of the BINs didn’t even exist, officials said.

Woods also caused people who paid for his finesser pointers to transfer money to him via interstate wire services, such as Western Union and MoneyGram, said the authorities. Woods has carried out his scammy ways multiple times, causing money to be transmitted to a “James Green.”

Now Mr. Selfmade Cash is being charged with four counts of wire fraud.

He is also charged with possession of 15 or more unauthorized access devices for possessing a cellphone with credit and debit card info of other folks without their knowledge.

Lastly, Mr. Cash is facing one count of aggravated identity theft.