Cristina Joia Wikipedia- Designer Varsta, Copil and Instagram

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Even though Cristina Joia is a Famous interior designer, she is still lacking a Wikipedia page. Let us know more about Cristina.
Cristina Joia is a designer who is famous for her Turnkey Dreams. She has worked for the art gallery where she used to exhibit her work.
Cristina Joia
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Bogdon Joia
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Cristina Joia doesn’t have a Wikipedia page of her own. She has her life explained in one of the interviews with
She was once arrested by the Bucharest police for her aggression against a woman. Police said that she has hit the woman in her face. 
The incident was occurred because of the blocking of the parking lot of the supermarket. She was detained for more than 30 days.
How Old Is Cristina Joia?
Cristina Joia Seems to fall under that age category of 30-35 years old. 
Her exact date of birth is not revealed by any of the online platforms. She has kept her birthday private.
Cristina Joia Husband And Children
Cristina Joia is a married woman and her husband’s name is Bogdon Joia.
She has adopted a child whose name is Andrei. He is a baby boy. 
The reason for adopting the child was that Cristina not being able to give birth. The couple tried several times in 3-4 years but failed every time. 
She has said that she used to love children. When she was in high school, she painted almost 50-60 children’s classrooms. 
This love for children made Cristina Adopt Andrei.
She has explained her journey of adoption Andrei in interview. 
Is Cristina Joia On Instagram?
Yes, Cristina Joia does have an Instagram account. 
Her Instagram account has almost 47.5K followers. She is following 569 people on Instagram. 
She has posted a lot of photos of her designs on Instagram.
Her post count is almost 1228 posts.