Curtis Pritchard says he doesn't speak to his Love Island co-stars

Curtis Pritchard has come out and said that he no longer speaks to his Love Island co-stars.

Curtis Pritchard has revealed he no longer speaks to his former dating show castmates.

He appeared on Love Island back in 2019.

He infamously dumped Amy Hurt, before moving on with Maura Higgins.

The 24-year-old struck up a close friendship with Tommy Fury during their time in the villa.

It appears they are no longer in contact, however.

During his appearance on Stephs Packed Lunch, Curtis was asked whether he has been in contact with his co-stars recently, to which he replied: I havent, no.

Im just going to tell you straight, I actually really havent to be fair, he told host Bill Bailey.

Since everything thats gone down like lockdowns and this and that, Ive just focused on myself and done me.

Curtis brother AJ joked: Is it because youve got rid of theLove Islandones and now youve gone on to Celebs Go Dating friends?

Youve got a whole new WhatsApp group thats gone from one to the other now!

Curtis also revealed he hadnt been in contact with his ex Maura, explaining: Ive no idea what shes even doing.

I wish her all the best and I hope her relationship is going good, he added.

He was of course referring to Mauras new relationship with Chris Taylor, which is going well.

Curtis and Maura were together for a brief period of time.

In March 2020, the couple announced their split after seven months together having first met in the Love Island villa.

There was rumours circulating that Curtis cheated on the Longford woman.

He addressed the rumours in his podcast AJ vs Curtis, insisting there was no wrongdoing on his part.

"The answer is no, I did not cheat on Maura at all. There, I've answered it," Curtis said.

"For anybody who wants to know why I have never replied or said anything in the press about it, is because I really try not to reply or respond to lies which is really not going to affect my life bar in a negative way or going to blow something up even more which isn't true.

"There is no point in it so I don't waste my time in stuff like that."