Cutting Down on Meat? These Plant-based Proteins Can Help

According to nutrition statistics, a growing number of African Americans are choosing to cut down on how much meat they include in their diets.

If you’re thinking about making the same changes, knowing your plant-based protein options are important. That way you can still fulfill all your nutritional needs. 

Why You Need to Keep Things Balanced

Regardless of your diet, the body needs the same kinds of nutrients to stay healthy.

Generally, you need certain quantities of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals to function well. It’s ideal for these nutrients to come from what you eat.

If you’re going to make changes to your diet, it’s essential to make sure you’re still meeting all those needs. 

In some cases, completely switching out animal-based proteins for plant-based ones might not cover everything you need so do your research.

You may also need to consume a higher quantity of vegetarian-friendly foods to get the same level of nutrients.

Ten Plant-based Proteins to Try Out

When you’re searching for plant-based options, these are a few of the possibilities: