Dad Asks If He’s Screwed Up For Using The Women’s Room To Change Baby’s Diaper

Few parenting stereotypes are as established as the father who can’t change his baby’s diaper. In fact, it has penetrated society so deeply that many don’t think men are even capable of pulling this off. But contrary to popular belief, babies poop no matter who is watching them.

Recently, when Reddit user RocksAndHardPlaces1 brought his son to a store, the little guy did his dirty business, so the dad went to the men’s restroom to take care of it, however, he found no facilities that would have allowed him to do so.

The man then learned from the staff that the women’s restroom had a changing table. It was either that or the floor, so the decision was a no-brainer.

Only, some female shoppers weren’t happy to see him there.

This dad had to go to the lady restroom to change his son’s diaper

Image credits: Helena Lopes (not the actual photo)

And he got into a very heated argument with a woman there

Image credits: @babychangenola (not the actual photo)

After the story blew up, the man provided more information in the comment section

People thought he had every right to take care of his child

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