Dad Sends Church Volunteers To “Save” His Adult Child, Things Spiral Out Of Control And Their Uncle Nearly Faces Charges Of Human Trafficking

All families like to bicker every once in a while, and most of the time, it’s not too big of a deal. 

Sibling rivalry, miscommunication, remote control fights, finding an empty cup near the sink for the thousandth time and lecturing whoever did that, whatever – the thing is, somebody will find something to fight about at one point or another.

However, stuff is not always as harmless as most of us would like it to be, and the author of today’s story found themselves in quite a position. 

A Redditor that goes by the name u/HelpedABrotherOutTA, who’s a church leaver, was visited by a couple of church volunteers. After a deep chat, one of them admitted that they wanted to go back to their home country as they’d realized that they were not a believer – but the problem was with the church coordinator, the original poster’s uncle, who happened to hold their legal documents hostage. 

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You know what they say: “Humans are the real monsters”

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AITA for getting my uncle in trouble and causing him to lose money?” – this web user took to one of Reddit’s most judgmental communities, asking its members if they went too far by going straight to the authorities when they found out that their uncle, who’s a church coordinator, was holding a volunteer’s passport hostage. The post managed to garner 13K upvotes as well as 1.6K comments discussing the situation.

Person gets their uncle sacked from his church job for holding a foreign volunteer’s passport hostage

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The netizen began their post by revealing that they’d recently left the church, and to try and “save” them, their dad would frequently send church members to their home.

Not long ago, a couple of volunteers dropped by to speak with them; they offered assistance with anything the OP might’ve needed, and they had them help with the farm while they talked. They chatted about where they were from, what they planned on doing when they finally went back, and why the author had stopped believing.

A week after, one of the volunteers called and said that they weren’t sure if they had believed when they left their country, and after their heartfelt talk, they finally realized that they didn’t and wanted to return home.

The OP revealed that they were recently visited by a couple of church volunteers, one of whom admitted that they’d realized that they weren’t a believer and wanted to go back to their home country

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However, the issue was that their coordinator was holding onto their important documents to prevent the loss, and as you may have guessed already, one of those things was their passport. For some bizarre reason, the coordinator said that he’d only give it back after their 2 years of volunteering were finished, and so they asked the author to speak with the coordinator as, surprise, surprise, it was none other than their uncle.

However, their coordinator, who happened to be the author’s uncle, was holding onto their passport and, when confronted, refused to give it back

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Naturally, the OP went straight to their uncle to discuss the issue – however, instead, they were told to “kick rocks.” Once the person realized that their uncle wasn’t going to give in, they decided to threaten him with the authorities. The man underestimated his family member and told them that they weren’t brave enough to do such a thing, but that’s exactly what the post’s creator did.

The police advised the Redditor to contact the Australian embassy, which then resulted in their uncle being fined quite a significant amount. They also told the church member that he had three days to return the possessions to the volunteer, otherwise, they’d start the process of charging him with human trafficking.

Needless to say, the word eventually got around the church and he was swiftly released from his paid coordinator position.

It prompted the post’s creator to contact the police and essentially get the man fired from his church

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The author’s family is saying that they went overboard with the whole police thing, and they were also trying to guilt-trip them about their uncle not being able to get another job due to the number of physical problems that he has. Such slander obviously made the OP think about their actions, which is why they decided to seek out other unbiased opinions – and let me tell you, the fellow community members did not disappoint.

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