Dan Jewett Net Worth- MacKenzie Scott Husband Age- Seattle Teacher

Who Is Dan Jewett? MacKenzie Scott’s Husband Age, Net Worth And Everything To Know Table of Contents
The ex-wife of Jeff Bezos, MacKenzie Scott married Dan Jewett whose net worth is not even 1% of the billionaire Scott’s value.
Dan Jewett is a science teacher in a school-based in Seattle, United States.
The man has been in the headlines after the news of his marriage with the ex-wife of jeff Bezos, Mackenzie was confirmed. The news broke out through a website The Giving Pledge where Dan himself declared the relationship.
Following the announcement, the teacher also revealed about following his new wife’s lead in supporting and doing charities. So, here is everything available about Scott’s new husband, Dan Jewett.
Quick Facts:Name
Dan Jewett
About 5 feet 10 inches
School Teacher
Mackenzie Scott MacKenzie Scott, the ex-wife of Jeff Bezos and one of the world’s richest women, has married a Seattle science teacher, who promptly declared he plans to help give away most of their wealth to charity. https://t.co/95ujuWJki2
— Tim O'Brien (@TimOBrien) March 7, 2021 What Is Dan Jewett’s Net Worth?
Apparently, the net worth details of Dan Jewett are yet to be confirmed.
But considering the fact that he is a school teacher, we don’t expect him to have that much money. In fact, it doesn’t seem like the teacher will have more than a small portion of Scott’s wealth unless he has earned something big from other jobs.
Hence, due to the lack of specific information, we couldn’t gather any information regarding Dan’s accumulated wealth. On the other hand, Jewett’s wife, Mackenzie Scott is estimated to have more than $60 billion in net worth as per The Sun.
How Old Is MacKenzie Scott’s Husband, Dan Jewett?
The new husband of 50 years old Mackenzie, Dan Jewett’s age might be around 45 years old.
However, the specific age of Dan is yet to be revealed to the media. But guessing from his appearance, he appears to be in the middle of around 40 to 50 years old.
On top of that, it is still impressive that the billionaire Scott chose to marry a simple middle-aged man rather than a young model which seems to be the current trend. MacKenzie Scott, the philanthropist formerly married to Jeff Bezos, has married again following her 2019 divorce from the Amazon founder https://t.co/LjESX4w9hQ
— The Wall Street Journal (@WSJ) March 7, 2021 Dan Jewett Is A Seattle Teacher
As said earlier, man Dan Jewett is a school teacher who teaches in a school in Seattle, Washington DC.
Moreover, it is also reported that he teaches in the same school where Scott’s children go to study. In this context, we can imagine the couple to have met while Scott went to school for her children.
Following the relationship, Jewett didn’t hold back to express how honoured and happy he felt about getting married to MacKenzie Scott.