Dave Grohl Concedes Defeat In Ongoing Drum Battle With 10-Year-Old

Dave Grohl Concedes Defeat In Ongoing Drum Battle With 10-Year-Oldfoofighters/Nandi_Bushell/Twitter

Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl has finally admitted he can’t win the long-running drum battle with 10-year-old Nandi Bushell.

The rock band front man has engaged in a few back-and-forth drum-offs with the British child star, who has an impressive 222,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Grohl first got in touch with Nandi after hearing her take on Nirvana’s In Bloom earlier this year, before responding to an official drum-off, following her rendition of Foo Fighters’ Everlong.

After an ongoing battle between the two musical talents, Grohl has finally been forced to concede the battle and confess that the incredibly gifted Nandi is, in fact, the better drummer.

‘She’s beating the crap out of her drum set, and when she does drum rolls, she screams. I was like, oh my God, this kid is a force of nature,’ Grohl said during an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

‘There was nothing I could do! I was literally being called out by the school bully — “I’ll see you on the playground after school!” Every time she would put out these videos on her page, I’d be like, oh my God, I’m gonna get my ass kicked again.’

After an epic battle between the two drummers, the pair finally got to meet during a Zoom call, set up by the New York Times, in which Grohl said he felt like he was meeting a Beatle.

As well as beating Dave Grohl in a drum-off, Nandi has also captured the attention of incredible musicians all over the world, including Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello, who gifted her one of his Fender Soul Power Stratocasters after watching her cover of Guerilla Radio.

What an incredible talent.

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