David Kew Age Wikipedia, Height, Net Worth and Wife

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David Kew is a middle-aged man who is a famous professional Australian chef. Let us know more about the Chef.
David Kew is a chef who is famous for his sushi in Melbourne, Australia.
He has gained a decent amount of fame from his cooking styles and projection. 
He is also famous for his $9.9 meal, where you can eat as much as you want.
Some of his favorite dishes are tiger prawns, lobster sashimi, and wagyu beef. Name
David Kew
5 feet 5 inches
@chefdavidkew David Kew Age And Height- How Old Is He?
David Kew falls under the age category of 30-40 years old. 
But, he has not revealed his age and even his birthday. He has not revealed his social media accounts. 
David seems to be secretive about his age and doesn’t want people to know about it.
David Kew appears to be an average height of 5 feet and 5 inches.
Any of the online platforms does not reveal his exact height.  David Kew Wikipedia
David Kew is not yet featured on the Wikipedia page. 
Furthermore, he is a new celebrity. He was in the famous cooking show, Good Chef and Bad Chef. 
Furthermore, he opened his new restaurant in Melbourne 3 weeks ago on March 30.
His new restaurant name is on his name, which is Chef David Kew. 
The restaurant has become famous in Melbourne in a small amount of time. 
David Kew has the experience of over 20 years as a cook. He is famous for Sichuan Cuisine, professional in hot pot and Japanese cuisine.
David Kew’s Wife- Is He Married?
David Kew is very secretive about his life and has not revealed his marital status.
Also, there is not enough information available on the online platform to support that David is married.
So, it is still a mystery about David’s relationship status. What Is David Kew’s Net Worth?
Like all his information, David kept his net worth all to himself. 
He has a restaurant in Melbourne, which provides him a decent amount of income.
His restaurant business seems to be growing, and we may get to know about his net worth in the future.