David Sharaz- Brittany Higgins Partner Age, Instagram and Net Worth

Who Is Brittany Higgins’ Partner David Sharaz? Everything You Need To Know Table of Contents
Let’s explore who David Sharaz is? Find Details On Brittany Higgins’ Partner, and her dating life.
Sharaz worked at a media analytics company where he frequently had to deal with federal and government clients.
David Sharaz and Brittany Higgins have been dating for quite some time now. Both met because of their similar work and forged a connection with each other.
Sharaz’s partner Brittany Higgins was allegedly raped by staff while working in the government office. David Sharaz who had to deal with government officials of similar offices often and repeatedly left the job after situations became grim for him.
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David Sharaz
Government Official
Dating( David Sharaz )
University of Canberra
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David Sharaz’s Partner Brittany Higgins
David Sharaz’s partner Brittany Higgins has accused a senior member of Australia’s Parliament House of rape.
BBC states that Brittany Higgins looked for help for getting justice but received little assistance from her bosses. That prompted her to take the difficult step to file a formal complaint against the accused in the police.
When Brittany Higgins told about the situation to her bosses. They reportedly said that they would support her if she files a formal complaint but at the same time signaled her not to do so as that might end her career in the government office. Some Facts About David Sharaz
Born in the year 1991, David Sharaz’s age is 29 years old as of February of 2021.
David Sharaz is active on Instagram under the username @davidsharaz and usually posts pictures of his cat in different poses. He currently has 624 followers on his account.
David Sharaz has not yet revealed any information about his net worth but the average salary of government officials in Australia is around $65k annually.
Talking about his education, David Sharaz completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from the University of Canberra.
After his education, David Sharaz worked as an intern and then as Executive Producer at Capitol Radio Network for about one year.
Recently David Sharaz’s partner Brittany Higgins gave an interview about how the situation evolved in her assault.