Decorate Like This and You'll Feel Like You Just Landed in Ibiza

Ibiza is synonymous with the good life. A famous island known for its lavish party scene, it's also a place of incredible beauty, rugged coastlines, and unparalleled views. It's no wonder so many creatives and architects, European or otherwise, end up in this magical place on the azure Balearic sea—where sun and sand meet scrumptious food and transporting music. This isn't lost to author and stylist Anne Poelmans, who has been living on and off the island for 35 years. 

A stylist for Elle Belgium and contributor for Vogue, Poelmans knows a thing or two about design and style. She spent her summers in Ibiza as a child and returns frequently to this idyllic island where life is carefree and nature is abundant. In her second book, Life Is Ibiza, launching today, she explores the local history, architecture, and food that make this island such a magical place. She tours the homes of creatives, architects, interior designers, and more in search of the perfect formula to absorb the Ibiza way of life. Ahead, we outline seven decorating tips we learned from the beautiful coffee table book. 

With unparalleled views sweeping the coastline of Ibiza, every interior is positioned to bring the outside in. In Casa Alegre, the home of architect Fernando de Castro, every line runs parallel to the sea creating an infinity effect. Pieces of freeform wood and woven baskets are also positioned throughout the home to bring an organic feel inside. 

In Casa Viddal & Rahola, another couple of architects, Victor Rahola and Jorge Vidal, used clean lines and minimal neutral furniture to leave the focus on the view rather than the interiors, save for a few pops of color: a low slung bird's egg sectional, chartreuse pillows, or an oversize emerald green work of art. 

Cala Salada, another home—a collaboration between architect Jordi Carreño, landscape architect Joan Macedo, and interior designer Luis Laplace—positions every item with the view in mind. For instance, this workspace maximizes the fact that the house is partly built into a rocky cliff, providing dramatic views to anyone who wishes to sit and get some work done.

Interior designer Carmen Straatsma left her busy life as an editor in Amsterdam for the rugged coastlines of the Spanish island after the birth of her second child. Her home is rich in natural textures, organic shapes, and nods to coastal life—like with these netted Ay Illuminate pendants that are a nod to fishermen nets. 

Back at Casa Alegre, the sweeping views continue to be at the forefront of the master bedroom—showcasing only a single statement chair blocking the floor-to-ceiling windows. The chair, a Carl Hansen design, is low-slung and curvaceous, a perfect addition that only enhances the view and doesn't distract from it.

Finca-style buildings are typical on the Balearic island—whitewashed cubes strategically positioned to maximize sunlight and ventilation. In this home, a sunny reading nook is positioned in a shaded courtyard, featuring a butterfly chair and jute ottoman. Indoor or outdoor, these simple arrangements will invite you to relax, no matter how busy you are.

At Can Cala Salada, a master bedroom takes full advantage of the coastline views, blocked only by a low modern Herman Miller bench stacked with coffee table books. In the corner, a lounge chair and lamp create the perfect reading nook to sip coffee in the morning or curl up with a book and a glass of wine at night. 

Next up: How to live that coastal life when you're in the city.