Democrats Rush to Take Credit for Something They Opposed Because Nothing Matters – Opinion

The Democrats want all of you to be aware that weekly jobless claims dropped to the lowest level in more than 50 years. MSNBC’s resident terrorist sympathizer and Qatari mouthpiece, Mehdi Hasan, shared the news with glee, chastising those that would dare not champion the development in comparison to the record-high inflation the country is experiencing.

Like all statistics and politics, context matters. This week’s number is a snapshot of a weekly average, and it can only be described as a “cherry-picked” stat. However, this figure was not an unexpected result.

Why would I do that? The Democrats including Joe Biden had previously been fighting to increase unemployment benefits. Republicans insisted that they be canceled with the hope that this would encourage people to search for employment. Sure enough, that’s exactly what’s happened. The enhanced benefits expired in September and we’ve seen sharp week over week decreases in claims over the two months since then.

Now the question is, how can Democrats claim credit for the outcomes of something that they have vehemently fought to stop? They wanted the people on unemployment rolls to stay. Because they saw it as an opportunity to improve the economy, they fought for their continued existence. Republicans took the political beating in opposing the extension of enhanced benefits, and now Democrats want to say: “See what we did!”

Yeah, that’s not gonna fly.

Further, let’s also note that the labor participation rate is around two points lower than it was pre-pandemic. A lot of people who are currently unemployed do not look for employment. Because there is only so many applicants for unemployment benefits, the country will always reach its bottom.

Lastly, let’s note the callousness with which these media elites, and the White House at times, dismiss the issue of inflation. They keep fudging the numbers, insisting that it’s not a problem. But as I’ve said before, you can not lie to someone about what’s in their wallet. It’s too tangible of a measure.