Depop Seller Claims They Didn’t Post Item Due To Woman ‘Giving First Aid To A Pigeon’

Depop Seller Claims They Didn't Post Item Due To Woman 'Giving First Aid To A Pigeon'Alamy/Deadline News

After forgetting to post a purchase, a Depop seller gave an excuse like no other: supposedly, they saw a woman giving first aid to a pigeon.

When you buy something from an independent seller, whether it’s eBay, Discogs or Depop, you’re mostly relying on their good nature. Someone can have great reviews and seem totally reliable, but then your item takes an absolute age to arrive, or sometimes it doesn’t even arrive at all.

Inevitably, you’ll need to chase someone up at one point. If you’re lucky, they’ll get back to you and apologise; usually they’ll say they just forgot, or they were too busy and will get to it as soon as possible. On this occasion, it was a matter of life and death – but it ended in fowl play.

Shared to the Depop Drama Instagram page, showcasing some of the wildest excuses from Depop sellers anytime something goes wrong, one buyer couldn’t believe their eyes at the reasoning for their item’s delay.

‘It’s totally my error but I missed the post office after work. No word of a lie there was a woman outside giving first aid to a pigeon. There was a big crowd and I wanted to film it but time she was done the post office was closed,’ the unnamed seller wrote.

They couldn't believe the seller's excuse. (@depopdrama/Instagram)@depopdrama/Instagram

‘Righttttt ok. I don’t care if you didn’t post it in time but no need to outright lie,’ the buyer replied – however, the seller wasn’t messing around. Sure enough, they uploaded a video of the unbelievable incident.

The video in question actually went viral back in 2017, filmed by a girl known only as Charlotte in Glasgow. It shows a woman trying to perform CPR on a pigeon, giving it mouth-to-beak and chest compressions, before its lifeless head flops over her hand.

The pigeon couldn't be saved. (Deadline News)Deadline News

Depop Drama’s post has racked up nearly 50,000 likes and thousands of comments. ‘Nobody on Would I Lie To You would sniff this one out,’ one user wrote. ‘I think I’m going to hell because I laughed when the pigeon’s head flopped,’ another commented.

‘The head flop will stay with me forever,’ a third wrote. ‘Omg I’m completely speechless at this one. Tbh it’s left me in a state where I may never speak again.’

It’s unclear whether the Depop seller was actually Charlotte, or somebody using the viral clip as an excuse for their tardiness.

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