Derry Girls named as one of the most binge-able shows on the planet

With Ireland in the grips of a third lockdown, we've seen people all over the island turn again to the likes of Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime and the RT Player to binge some of their favourite shows.

But with the amount of choice available, sometimes it can be difficult to choose what to watch.

Now though, we no longer have that problem - as new research has put together a comprehensive list of the best box sets to binge, whether you want to spend a full evening, weekend or even a week watching a series you can guarantee will be good.

And the fantastic Derry Girls ranks third!

Taking the average of the critic and audience review scores from each season of a show, the research analysed some of the worlds most popular box sets to reveal which are the best to binge in just one sitting.

Derry Girls

The superb Channel 4 show has got rave reviews from the majority of the people who have watched it - with viewers praising the realism and humour from Erin, Claire, Michelle, Orla and the wee English fella.

Top of the list is Australian comedy Please Like Me

That's followed by Freaks and Geeks before we get to Derry Girls in third.

There's more joy for Irish actors too - in particular Adrian Dunbar - with Line of Duty ranking seventh, ahead of it's return to our screens later this month.

Netflix giants The Queen's Gambit, Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul are all in the top 10.

The full top 10 reads:

  1. Please Like Me

  2. Freaks and Geeks

  3. Derry Girls

  4. Chernobyl

  5. Happy Valley

  6. The Queen's Gambit

  7. Line of Duty

  8. Breaking Bad

  9. Better Call Saul

  10. Mindhunter

In terms of the ideal show to binge on a weekend, that honour goes to Disney + Original WandaVision - which will only take 5 hours and 24 minutes to complete.

You can view the research in full here.