Doctor Details How She Was Uninvited From Her Best Friend’s Wedding Because Of Her Role In Healthcare

For most people, if not all, the pandemic has distorted everyday habits. Travels, meetings, and big celebrations had to be postponed or canceled. And even now, with the vaccine and all the necessary precautions taken, we still have to think twice before going somewhere. It took a lot of patience and understanding for those who were about to celebrate some bigger and important events such as weddings. And now it seems that more couples are deciding to go through with it and have their big day. However, it seems that the fear of Covid-19 doesn’t go away that easily.

Emily Long, a plastic surgery resident who is currently working in the ICU, decided to share her story on TikTok of how she was uninvited from her friend’s wedding at the last minute because she works with “sick” people.

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An ICU worker shared on TikTok that her friend decided to uninvite her to her wedding because she works with “sick people”

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The woman started her story by stating that she was getting ready for her friend’s wedding that was to take place in Austin, Texas. Since Emily lives in Boston, Massachusetts, she’d already bought a plane ticket to attend the celebration. Traveling details weren’t the only thing Emily had to think about before the big day. She is also a healthcare worker who works in ICU. Having in mind today’s context and the place where she works, the woman took additional precautions before going to see her friend.

It took a lot of preparation for Emily to be able to participate in the celebration

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The TikTok user decided to share this with the bride to calm her down. She told her that she had been tested and was taking all necessary precautions to stay safe. Instead of feeling better about the whole situation, the bride was in shock finding out that her friend takes care of “sick people,” so she decided to uninvite her because she was scared that her friend might infect people at the wedding.

After all, the woman decided not to go to Texas and go to her job instead. She also took time to explain how hard it is for medical workers to take time off

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This put Emily into a complicated situation because it took some time, money, and effort to prepare for this celebration. Right now the healthcare industry is going through some tough times and doctors and nurses cannot take time off that easily. Emily revealed that for her to get a free weekend cost $2800.

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The TikTok that she posted went viral with 5.5M views and soon people became very invested in the story. A lot of them revealed that they also had been uninvited because they or their family members are medical workers. Some people even wondered how doctors and nurses went “from hero to villain” so fast.

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The woman shared a couple of follow-up videos of how the situation escalated further. She decided not to go to Texas and spend the time working. She also provided more details about her working conditions and why it is so complicated to take time off. The woman also commented on the situation in Texas since the number of Covid patients is rising there. A lot of people online addressed that it’s risky to have a wedding in the first place when the situation is getting more serious.

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Emily made 3 videos explaining the whole situation, as well as addressing the Covid-19 situation in Texas where the wedding was held

You can watch one of the videos down below!

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