Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis Blow up ‘Trump vs. DeSantis’ – Opinion

The media has insisted there is a feud between Trump and DeSantis, except there’s that pesky lack of evidence issue.

There appears to be a growing trend in the press of late – not to suggest it is a new trend – of journalists dismissing testimony from those they are covering. National Public Radio is a recent example. The outlet was recently in trouble over their Supreme Court mask drama. All three justices involved have come out to disavow the story completely, but NPR continues to back Nina Totenberg’s anonymously-sourced coverage. In a story about them, NPR has effectively called one-third the Supreme Court’s liars.

For a few weeks, the media has repeated this story about a bitter feud between Trump and DeSantis. Many stories are being told, each with one consistent theme: there were no direct quotes. Trump made a direct quotation last night and torched the whole narrative.

Reports that Trump was hiding behind closed doors began the stories It was allegedly heard In private conversations, Ron DeSantis is repeatedly criticized and called everything by the governor Personality is lackingTrump seems to be ungrateful, which is why he was able to boost him into office. This runs counter to Trump’s style. Trump is not afraid to speak out about people with whom he disagrees. Does anyone really believe that if Trump is regularly trashing DeSantis – and doing so with an eye on the 2024 run – that he would hold back in any fashion?

A second report was made that Trump had discussed boosters and vaccines in an interview. DeSantis was then alleged to be slammed on the topic. But he didn’t do such a thing. This is one example. This is a NBC News articleThey advertise in the headline, “Trump slams DeSantis over Covid vaccine booster shot.” Is this the problem? In his answer to a question, he never mentioned either the governor or anyone in particular. It was plural when he mentioned anyone. Here is Trump’s answer, with the disqualifying comments in bold.

“I watched A couple of politicians be interviewed and one of the questions was, ‘Did you get the booster? These are don’t want to say it. Because they’re gutless.”

DeSantis could be included? Yes, this is possible, but NBC took the same position that many others in the media and decided it was a. directlyYou are vilifying the governor. Except that he doesn’t mention DeSantis name-by-name, which is defying all media coverage. This was an attack on the Florida governor. Trump has now blasted these reports, as he told a conference call this week and he just had an interview with Sean Hannity – another figure With an alleged feudbrewing.  

Trump spoke to reporters during the conference call. “Well, I have a very good relationship with Governor DeSantis. I have a very good relationship with him, and we’ve had that for a long time. I was very supportive of him and I continue to be — no, I think he’s good, I think he’s very good.” Then on Hannity’s show, the former president went further, slamming the press directly over this very issue.

Then last week, a firestorm erupted from the other side of this contrived contretemps, and in the same fashion, the insisted “attack” lacked supporting evidence. Ron DeSantis was available for interview. Podcast Ruthless, and we were told he attacked Trump’s COVID response and expressed regret at following his lockdown orders early in the pandemic. CNN’s Manu Raju sparked this hysteria.

Of note is Raju using ‘’Trump administration’’ in his boast. DeSantis never mentions it in his interview. He also doesn’t answer a question about Trump during this segment. He was instead slamming Dr. Fauci, and praising the doctor for his past of contradictions. As a result, the press is focusing on their favorite COVID figure while creating controversies where none exists. This is the length they go to fabricate this fight – and evidence to the contrary is completely ignored.

Listen to the same podcast interview to see how lies are being weaved. DeSantis had been asked about Trump’s press conference and how it was trying to create a divide between them. DeSantis was directly questioned. Do you feel animosity or a lack thereof? What’s that relationship like?” DeSantis did not flinch.

“I think this is what the media does. Don’t fall for the trap. You know what they’re trying to do, so just don’t take it. Just keep on keeping on. For a huge red wave to occur in 2022, we need everyone united.

Raju’s bravado is remarkable. They are out bleating about DeSantis slamming Donald Trump when he not only did no such thing but he actually called out the press for the attempt to smear them and claim a false feud is taking place – In the exact same interview, they also stand up for proof! Listen to the audio for free.

Let’s face it, there is a possibility that these two men could end up fighting politically. There are some important decisions they need to make, arrangements that must be made and conflicts to resolve. However, for me to believe in a relationship that is vicious I will need tangible evidence. This is quite shocking because all the supposed warnings of war are not valid.

The usual procedure is that the media doesn’t care what the opinions of prominent people in news reporting. We are supposed to ignore the actual comments from the actual players – the press, and their anonymous contacts, know what these figures are really thinking. These matters are not our concern.