Drake Jumps Behind The Mic During Raptors Pre-Season Game

The Raptors returned to home court on Monday night for their first pre-season game, and you just know that Drake was courtside.

Not only was Raptors’ uber-fan on hand to watch the team take on the Houston Rockets at Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena, he also hopped behind the mic during TSN’s broadcast of the game.

“So good to be home boys,” Drake said while sipping a drink, joking that “it’s been a solid two years of drinking these at home” thanks to the pandemic.

Drake attends a preseason NBA game between the Toronto Raptors and the Houston Rockets at Scotiabank Arena on October 11, 2021 in Toronto, Canada (Cole Burston/Getty Images)
— Cole Burston/Getty Images

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In fact, Drake was clearly elated to be back in his element. “Everything’s feeling great, looking great, so great to be around people again, see all these faces. I’m feeling in high spirits boys,” he said.

“I know the city’s watching tonight, I just want to send my love to everybody, you know, it was a tough fight, a tough fight for the last couple years… [I hope they’re doing] as well as possible given the circumstances,” he added.

Drake’s entire turn behind the mic can be seen in the video above.