Eli Steele Wikipedia, Wife Age And Net Worth- Deaf and Jewish Film Maker

Who Is Eli Steele? Everything To Know About The Film Maker Table of Contents
Eli Steele is yet to be featured on Wikipedia despite his success as a director. Meanwhile, here are some lesser-known facts about the deaf director.
Eli Steele is an American producer, director, writer, editor, and cinematographer. He is black, Jewish, and deaf.
The filmmaker faced racism when he was a kid and had quite a difficult childhood, but now he is called pro-racist.
He is best known for What’s Bugging Seth (2005), Unlucky Lucky (2012), and What Killed Michael Brown? (2020). Name
Eli Steele

Shelby Steele, Rita Steele
Loni Steele Sosthand
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1 Daughter, 1 Son) Eli Steele Wikipedia And Net Worth
Elis Steel is a black Jewish filmmaker. Apart from being black and Jewish, he is also deaf.
He was born with a bilateral profound hearing loss. He was diagnosed at the age of one and fitted with hearing aids. He went to oral programs and was eventually mainstreamed into first grade at his neighborhood school.
He grew up in the bay area in a middle-class neighborhood surrounded by white people.
In 1992, Eli was offered a $25,000 scholarship by a school, but he turned it down despite being tempted by the sum.
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Eli apparently asked 15 girls to the dance during his eighth grade, but every one of them rejected him. He believes that the girls disagreed because he was deaf.
He wore Phonak hearing aids until he was 26, then did his Cochlear implant.
Throughout his filmmaking career, Steele has been involved in over ten projects.
However, Eli’s net worth hasn’t been publicized yet.
Who Is Eli Steele Wife?
Filmmaker Eli Steele is married to his Mexican wife.
However, he has revealed little to no information on his wife.
Steele lives happily with his wife and two children, a daughter and a son.
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Eli Steele Age
Black, Jewish, and deaf filmmaker Eli Steele’s age is 46 years as of now.
But, he hasn’t disclosed his official birthdate or birthplace to the public yet.