Elizabeth Brockovich Age, Erin Brockovich Daughter Net Worth and Instagram

Who Is Erin Brockovich Daughter Elizabeth Brockovich? Meet Her On Instagram Table of Contents
American environmental activist Erin Brockovich’s daughter Elizabeth Brockovich, aged 30,  has been a media sensation with her recent interviews. 
Elizabeth Brockovich is a young woman who is widely known as the daughter of a famous American legal clerk and environmental activist. 
Elizabeth along with her siblings used to live with their mother only. She has been seen in the media a lot lately because, after these many years, she has become just like her mother. 
Elizabeth has been recently seen in a few interviews regarding her past, current life, and how especially about her mother. 
She was also a part of the movie made about her mother which was played by renowned actress Julia Roberts. 
After this, people seem more eager to know about the personal details of Elizabeth. 
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Elizabeth Brockovich Age
Elizabeth Brockovich’s age is 30 years old, according to BestLife
However, the exact date of her birth or her birthday has not been revealed yet. 
Elizabeth Brockovich: Erin Brockovich Daughter
Elizabeth Brockovich is the youngest daughter of Erin Brockovich and her only child with her ex-husband Steven Brockovich. 
Elizabeth Brockovich is considered to be exactly like her mom. In her recent interview, there were several talks regarding this matter. 
Elizabeth told that she got involved in drugs when she was 17 because her mother was too busy with her environmental cases. She could easily ditch schools and go anywhere. 
However, Elizabeth is not fine and she is just like her mother, mother at the age of 30 and she even looks like her. 
Regarding Erin Brockovich as an individual, she was the most popular legal clerk in 1993 despite not having a law degree. 
Erin is responsible for the biggest environmental lawsuit of all time when successfully won the settlement of $333 million.  Elizabeth Brockovich Instagram
Elizabeth Brockovich is not on Instagram. 
However, her mother Erin Brockovich is on the platform under the username @the_real_erin_brockovich with around 38k followers. 
Elizabeth Brockovich Net Worth
There is not enough information to find out the net worth of Elizabeth Brockovich. 
There are no details about her professional life, so evaluating her net worth does not seem plausible.