Elon Musk Plans On Bringing High Speed Internet To Mars

Elon Musk Plans On Bringing High Speed Internet To MarsPA Images

Elon Musk has revealed plans to create a satellite that will provide internet to one million people living on Mars.

The entrepreneur believes his company SpaceX can play a huge part in colonising the red planet.

According to SpaceX president and COO Gwynee Shotwell, the idea is that the technology will be needed to keep up communication between the city on Mars and those of us left on Earth.

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‘Once we take people to Mars, they are going to need a capability to communicate,’ Shotwell told TIME, during a livestream interview.

‘In fact, I think it will be even more critical to have a constellation like Starlink around Mars.’

Musk has always been vocal about his mission to get life on Mars, recently revealing he hopes to send SpaceX’s first Starship to the red planet by 2024.

SpaceX Launches Earth Observation Satellite for Argentina in Cape Canaveral, US - 30 Aug 2020PA Images

‘Elon founded this company with the entire purpose of building a space transportation capability that would allow humans to move to other planets,’ Shotwell continued.

‘I remember when I was interviewing with Elon in 2002 and he had such an ambitious goal, it sounded absolutely insane at the time.’

She added:

Now almost 20 years later, it doesn’t actually sound that insane. Well at least not to the insiders.

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Back in January, Musk vowed to put around one million people of Mars by 2050, transporting 100 people per flight, with around three flights per day.

However, Shotwell was keen to explain that plans for encouraging life on another planet does not mean giving up on life here on Earth.

‘I want you to understand that we are not giving up on Earth when we talk about building capability to move humanity to other planets,’ she said.

Elon Musk Plans On Bringing High Speed Internet To MarsPA Images

‘It’s not giving up on Earth, it’s actually just giving humanity another shot in case there were to be some horrible event.’

If Musk’s plans go as he hopes, there will be two human settlers on the planet by 2024.

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