Employee Thinks She Is So Irreplaceable So She Mistreats Everyone Until The Boss Grabs The Opportunity To Make Her Practically Fire Herself

Sad to say, not all work environments are all that great; sometimes all it takes is just one person to turn every work day into a nightmare. But the greater the ‘evil’, the bigger the satisfaction when said ‘evil’ turns on itself and gets fired.

One Reddit user shared a story of their friend who works at a company with an abusive employee who, you can say, got herself fired. Well, that was effectively the result of it all, but here’s the story…

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It only takes one person to ruin a work environment, and in this case it was the newcomer who had to suffer it

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So, a Reddit user that goes by the nickname of u/zero_gravity94 shared a story of what happened oh so maliciously compliantly (with a dash of satisfying revenge) at a friend of theirs’ workplace.

There were three main people to note in this story, “Patrick” (M, then 26), “Ally” (F, then about 29), and the “BOSS” (M, older), who all worked together in the same division.

Ally was an abusive type, having worked there a bit, and so everyone who didn’t suck up to her felt her “wrath.” She also had a good rapport with some of the clientele.

A Reddit user shared a story of malicious compliance where an abusive coworker took on a job opportunity that effectively got her fired

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Well, Patrick didn’t suck up to her, and was actually talented, so Ally made his life a living hell, so much in fact that she almost got him fired. While everyone else effectively did the corporate equivalent of “stood there and watched.”

And, the BOSS was the boss, pretty self explanatory at this part of the story.

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Anyway, the company decided to have some of its employees migrate to contracting. They’d effectively be doing the same work, except some benefits are lost in the process, but other freedoms are gained.

Ally, being introduced as a bit of a narcissist with an ego, she saw this as an opportunity for greatness. So, she went to the BOSS, who, unbeknownst to everyone, knew who he was dealing with and knew what kind of a person Ally was. So, once she offered to switch to contracting, which the BOSS called “a great career move,” he pointed out all of the great career opportunities she would have.

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Well, not quite, since as soon as the paperwork went through, Ally never got a single contract. While Patrick was working hard to prove himself, thinking everyone avoided him because of Ally, it turns out the BOSS was looking for an opportunity to get rid of her. And when she herself provided said opportunity, he took it, maliciously complying to Ally’s request and making the catharsis ever more satisfying.

The Reddit audience loved this story, clicking the upvote button over 20,000 times and leaving over 30 Reddit awards of various kinds, including a bunch of silvers.

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For the most part, people were happy with the happy ending, saying that Ally got what she deserved. Others also pointed out that nobody had the guts to stand up and do something, which is just sad. And then there was u/Archangel4500000, who took the opportunity to use some puns, leading to “looks like it was an opportunity right up her Alley.”

The internet found it very satisfying that justice, albeit self-inflicted, was served

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