Employees Share The Most Memorable Attempt By A Customer To Scam Their Business (88 Stories)

Retail is unique in that we all more or less interact with it out of necessity but the jobs themselves, and especially front-line staff, seem to be treated as completely disposable.

But in case our article 30 Retail Employees Share The Things That Customers Do That They Can Never Forgive wasn't enough to drive this point home, we at Bored Panda have compiled a bunch of stories that should do the trick.

From fake returns to straight-up stealing, here are all the ways people working in the industry spotted customers trying to scam the system.


This happened at Popeyes. There 3 people bought EVERY SINGLE CHICKEN SANDWICH IN STOCK. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Then, they tried to sell it to people that were there for a dollar extra. No one bought it.

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I work at a bicycle shop that also does repairs, and every once in awhile someone will come in with a stolen bicycle they want to get tuned up. When we know with absolute certainty that it's a stolen bicycle, we will accept the bike for repair, but as soon as they hand it over we will tell them we're keeping it and to not come back. The interesting part is how confidently they come in with an obviously stolen bike and how long they'll carry on the lie that its theirs. We also always contact the real owner and let them know we found their bicycle, just for the record.

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When I worked in a convenience store store many years ago, the candy was all in a set of shelves right at the checkout counter. The wife of a well known businessman in town would buy a regular sized 3 musketeers bar, drop it "by mistake" and quickly switch it with the giant sized one as she scurried out the door. She did it several times a week.

It was such a sad behavior that I didn't bother to call her on it, but I was continually amazed that someone of such stature in town, would take such a chance for such a silly little thing.

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Cashier at Home Depot. guy comes thru the self checkout with a big $550 DeWalt drill combo. Does his checkout business then asks me to remove the alarm tag for him. Notice SCO screen is still up on his transaction and its only $14. Tell him there was a mistake and to go to returns (I know he was bullshitting us). Comes back and drops the "oh i'm going to check out the other model" line and then leaves. His buddy, also on SCO, ripped a barcode so i had to help him and not pay attention to the other guy trying to steal the combo kit. They both leave, call the cops, cop already has them in cop car for pulling them over for expired plates or some shit as they left the store parking lot. Turns out the guy had peeled the UPC off a $14 toolbox and put it on his hand. As he covered up the Dewalt UPC, the SCO scanned the toolbox code. Police arrest the guys and I go to court incase i have to testify or something. Guys end up in jail. I get award and $50.


Used to work at Costco, and at the end of December without fail there would be a handful of people who brought in real Christmas trees for a refund. Always wanted to tell them to f-off, but costcos policy allows for this sort of stuff so had to do it with a smile.

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I had someone purchase a 55” TV from a different store, go home and put their old (smaller) tv in the box, and try to return it.

The look on his face when he realized I was gonna open it was priceless.

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Dude walks up to the register and says he wants to return a thing (I think it was a mirror) that we sell for like $150, that his wife bought it and it doesn’t fit the space they wanted it for. He doesn’t have a receipt but he does have his internet banking on his phone with a transaction that says it’s from us for over about 200, says his wife bough other stuff at the same time. We will accept this provided we can find the sale in the system, the dates match, the amount matches, they can tell us other things that were on the transaction and usually we check the cameras as well if we’re feeling paranoid.

As soon as the manager saw the bank statement she knew it was all BS. The guy had renamed a transaction to our store name but it was misspelt and not at all how our work shows up on bank statements. So she tells him she needs to go out the back to process a return without a receipt. She grabs the top manager tells him what’s going on and they have a look at the cameras. Dude had walked through every aisle to find one of the more expensive items we sell, grabbed his phone and f****d around on it for a bit (we assume to change the name on the transaction), grabbed the mirror and taken it to the register.

I gotta wonder how many time he did this and no one questioned him.

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Mine is we once had an electronic razor returned twice.

The first time the woman who'd bought it earlier that day said her husband had bought one elsewhere so this was no longer needed. Reasonable enough so my boss refunded her and put it back on the shelf.

Hour later another woman buys it. She returns an hour later saying it has been used and shows us the hair inside it.

Best we can tell one of the husbands had used the razor and returned it.

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When I worked at Gamestop I saw a ton of them, but I think my favorite two are: some kids stole a controller from the Walmart across the parking lot and ripped it out of the box as they walked over to "return" it. I watched them take it out of the box and litter with the trash because they also walked in front of my car to do it as I was driving into the parking lot to start my shift. Then they came in and started yelling about how they wanted their money back for it and they didn't care if they needed a receipt to get it. I told them next time they thought they were gonna be sneaky maybe they shouldn't throw the box down in the parking lot and kicked them out of my store. Same goes for the guy who was a living nightmare, literally calling corporate customer service in front of us because my employee denied him a return out of policy until the corporate people told her to do the return anyway. This SOB grinned like a cat in the cream, took his money, then as soon as my employee went on her break he stormed back in and demanded more money, saying she'd shorted him like $20 and calling him the n-word before kicking him out. Even though I'd been standing behind the counter beside her the whole time... and heard every word they'd said because there were no other customers in the store... I kicked him out for real.

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I worked at a dry cleaners in high school and they attached coupons to the outside of the plastic bag that your clothes come wrapped in. I would always get people telling me that they had a coupon and when I would ask for it they would say that it’s at home.


We once had a couple men come into our small store, the one poured a cup of soapy water on the floor, and about 3 mins later his buddy "slipped" on it. The one man asked for compensation from the owner, but me as a manager, I pointed out that there were several cameras in and out of the building, and we had footage of them both talking outside, and pouring soap into the glass. I told them to have their lawyer contact the owner, and they took off before I could give them a business card.

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Its the petty stuff that amazes me.

This guy comes in, first 10 mins we were open that day. I'm putting stock away on the shelf and this guy goes up to the register, ready to pay. So I ring up his loaf of Rainbow bread. I tell him the total and he says it should have been about $0.75 cheaper. I tell him that's the price for the store brand bread, not the Rainbow. He doesn't accept this at all saying that the bread was sitting in the space labeled for the cheap bread so 'that's false advertisement.'

So I get my manager as I can't override the price being the lowly associate I am. He gets into it with my manager who don't take no shit and they go on a bit, but she does override the price and he pays it. Upon giving him his change, basically the $0.75 he saved, he says to keep it and walks out the store.


I was on the opposite end, a salesperson tried to tell me she'd spoken to my boss the day before and wanted to know when she should deliver a new copier. I said you didn't talk to my boss yesterday. She said she did.

I told her I know you didn't, because his wife died suddenly the day before and he wasn't talking to anyone.


A regular always tried to get things for cheaper, including switching the tags. One day she came in and told me that she had gotten a test at the doctor's, and "might have cancer" so she really needed something nice to make herself feel better.

She wanted a $75 item for $20, and we were soooooooooo heartless that we wouldn't give her any discount, even though she might have cancer.

I told her that not only was I a heartless witch, but that I was going to sacrifice a goat to Satan later that night, and the item was $75, or else GTFO. (My supervisor heard this and just spent the whole night sniggering at random intervals.)

She left.... and never mentioned cancer again in her subsequent visits.


Bookstore. A guy comes in with a stack of brand new books he wanted to return for cash, and I couldn't do it without a receipt. He whined. A manager came up and immediately told him to take his books and get out. He did, without even trying to argue. She explained to me he was a book reviewer for one of the papers in town. She said he was banned from returns at all the bookstores in town because he tried to dump all the review copies he received.


Had a customer try the ol' can you swap this £20 for two tenners, and then swap one of those tenners for a five and coins, and swap that for a fiver trick etc. Theres videos and shit on youtube, I knew straight away what he was doing so when he then tried to distract me with a random question, and then tell me he didnt' get a something in change I told him he had it and to get the fuck out. He tried to play it off like he'd just forgotten he had it, but we both knew.


I worked in retail when young. We had a drug addict wrapping the inside of a plastic bag with tin foil and tried to steal some PS/Xbox games.. heavy drugged and moving like a stoned sloth. All while I was standing 2ft next to him during this incredible heist of his. We ended up letting him go, but the kept the advanced gear.

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I had a customer try to pay with a check using an ID that was very obviously made of paper. When I wouldn't accept it she tried to get her boyfriend to fight me. He laughed and awkwardly walked out of the store. Leaving her there, crying now, from the embarrassment of failure I guess?


Old guy came through my line, as he was swiping his card he actually told me proudly "this here is my buddy's card. He owes me a bunch of money. He don't know I got his PIN. Sometimes you gotta be smart." So I told him I had to see his ID to process the transaction. He gives me his ID which, obviously, doesn't match the card, so I politely cancel the sale. He is shocked and irate, but confides to me he'll just go to another register and try again. I tell him I understand and immediately make a phone call. Less than five minutes later he's being escorted to a back office by an officer, looking even more shocked. It still mystifies me because if he had just kept his trap shut he probably could have hit every register in the store.


I think it's more what haven't they tried. I've managed a shoe store for eight years and the lengths people go for a deal is insane. The most common problem I see is people (very obviously) swapping price tags and then being really insulted when you don't let they away with.

Nothing has ever topped the melted shoes though. A few years ago I got a call from a woman. She was hard to understand and the most I could glean from the conversation was her shoes had melted. I told her to come into the store and I would see what I could do. I should mention we have the most relaxed return policy out there.

So later that day, the woman comes in with very very melted shoes. Puzzled at how this happened, I asked her. She said she had sprayed them with an aerosol protecting spray while they were on her feet, and then noticed a little plastic tie that held a tag on the shoe. Her immediate thought was to melt it off with her lighter. Having apparently missed science class, she was shocked that the shoes caught fire and melted the laces, mesh shoes and her socks, as well as causing minor burns to her feet. At this point I am biting my tongue to avoid laughing, and ask her what she would like me to do for her. She tells me she would like either a refund or a replacement pair because she knows what our return policy states we have to do. So we replaced them, cautioned her about the spray and asked her very nicely to shop where from now on.


Pouring water in carpet cleaner container and then asking for a return because they didn’t end up needing it


Had a customer buy a 99.99 fan and it went on sale a few days later for 79.99 she brought it back saying it was broken and wanted a new one and so we gave her a new one and she was like "I get 20 dollars back cause it's on sale" She then screamed at my manager. We told her she could return it for her 99.99 or she can exchange it for a new fan but we refuse to give her money back to turn around and resale her a fan. So she took her fan and left. I guess it wasn't that broken.


A lady called and tried to get the earlybird price for a pool pass, but she was a day late. I said sorry I can give you the regular price but you didn’t sign up in time for the early one. She says “But I called yesterday to sign up and the lady told me she couldn’t sign me up for one and to call back today and they’d give me the discount!” I was the lady working yesterday..


Worked electronics at a Montgomery Wards ( think Sears) back in the day....a couple of times a week there would be different guys come in the store and go straight to the big screen tv’s.... their only question was if we had it in stock... no “is this a good brand or what does the remote look like “...they’d make up their mind in less than a minute, always pick out a top of the line set ( back then it was Sony)and hand over a credit card that he had ready in his shirt pocket ...dead giveaway for a stolen card...


Tried to return a pair of Nike's bought in 1999 in 2018. Nothing hides the yellowing


I used to work returns at a big name retail store. People, especially women, used to love to buy really expensive clothes on a Thursday or Friday and come into the store to return it on Monday. The clothes would reek. It would smell like cigarettes, alcohol, body odor and some smelled like barf. They would try to return it because it didn't fit or it's not what they wanted. They would then pitch a bitch when it's not refunded when they just wanted to wear it for the weekend to a party.


Mostly taking the yellow “your price” sticker and trying to put it on item that are much more expensive AND never EVER get the yellow “your price” sticker. Like lady I know this mirror isn’t $24.99 it’s actually $109.99. Bitch.


My wife was working at a clothing store. And this woman was returning a dress that she didn't like. So she wanted to try on something else. She wanted an outside opinion, so she went outside to ask someone. It had been snowing and the sidewalk was salted. She came back in and told my wife that she didn't want it. My wife told her she was taking that one because salt stained the bottom of it.


They cut the expiration date off of a current coupon and glued/pasted it on an expired coupon. They actually did a decent job, and it took a couple minutes for the employees to figure out why it wasn’t being accepted.


A guy was trying to steal some games from walmart, he had a razor blade in his pocket to get the cases open or something. Anyway he ends up cutting his hand and leaving a trail of blood all the way to the bathroom. I walked in to the aftermath and the guy who had to clean it told me what happened. I also heard about a guy who somehow managed to put a flatscreen tv into an empty bag of dog food and get it through checkout without anyone noticing. That guy was a genius


Trying to return 6 pencils or pens, all broken, without a receipt because she 'got them that way for her birthday.' Was delighted when she said she'd never shop there again after being denied, but unfortunately saw her shopping a couple weeks later.


I worked at the guest service at Target about 15 years ago. A woman tried to return a trainer potty for a toddler that still had a shallow layer of piss inside of it. I told her I couldn't take it back and she told me it was unused. I showed her the urine and she told me it was broken and it didn't work. She ended up leaving but not before telling me how awful of a person I was.


Attempting to return an old Casio watch in a brand new Casio watch box. Really nice try, but no. He threw the watch at me and walked out when I denied the return.


Had a customer return a vacuum cleaner once, my supervisor did the return thankfully. The box went back on the floor unchecked. The next customer who wanted to buy it checked it out before they went to the register. The whole fucking thing had been replaced with a catering size tin of beetroot.


I worked for Montgomery Ward for almost 30 years and I had a customer return a tractor after 20 years because he was no longer satisfied with the power Monkey Ward took it back no wonder they went out of business!


Buying things with a gift card and trying to return them for cash.


Working at Walmart a lady used to be notorious for stealing stuff and returning it to get gift cards and then would eventually return the things she bought with said gift cards to get money on her credit card. One day I was working customer service and she came up to my desk with a $70 electric shaver and a receipt with a thick black pen line scratched over where it said she had voided it; meaning she never actually bought the shaver to begin with but I was lucky enough to notice!


Former worker. Name-dropping the owner's name while saying every thing was wrong and they were going to call him personally and were doing this super douchebaggy exaggerated phone button push thing... Surprise surprise they didn't know him, passed it off as "well he isn't answering" with that voice that comes from a nose a mile high.


People frequently try to return knock off shoes to our stores. Once had a customer with a Minnetonka boot box, but swapped the boot out for a brand Walmart carries that looks almost identical. The customer claimed she had received the item that way.

We also have customers buy a single pair of sandals that we have on pegs, but will steal other pairs and try to return them on the receipt. Often they don’t check for the sizes to match so this scam is easy to catch


Worked at Arby’s as a teenager (this was around 1990). A guy comes in, orders a sandwich and fries, and wants to pay with a check. This being the olden days, people paid with check all the time. But this guy tries to tell me it’s “easier for the bank” if he makes it out to himself instead of to Arby’s because... well, he fired off some convoluted, off-the-cuff bullshit designed to gish gallop me into buying the story. I was young and naive, but not that naive. He got mad when I denied him, called me stupid. I asked if he’d like to talk to the manager and he agreed. Three minutes later my manager is giving the guy stink eye and the dude leaves with no sandwich. Nice try asshole.


September 12, 2001. USA. A guy in Spartanburg South Carolina calls and says that his weed trimmer was in the twin towers in NYC the day before and got destroyed by terrorists. And demanded I replace it under warranty.


Used to work at a thrift store that sold refurbished laptops. Some lady walked in, right up to the cashier and said something along the lines of 'that's my laptop that my ex stole'


I was working at a place that has soft serve as a part of the menu. I was working one day and a lady came up to the counter and said something along the lines of 'hey I'm really sorry my daughter dropped her ice cream and she's really sad about it, do u think u could give me another?' I was about to then realized an important fact: the ice cream was broken that day and we weren't selling any. I looked back at her and told her that it must not be from us because of the machine. She turned bright red and mumbled "oh then I guess it must be from dairy queen or something..." and left quickly. Nice try lady


I had a customer come to purchase some stuff, and they had found a coupon from 3 years ago on Google Images for 50% off whole purchase. I told her I can't do that, and the only one we had going at the time was not viable for her purchase. She yelled stupid loud, stormed out cursing, and I felt good. She emailed corprate, and I got in trouble for making her upset...


We don’t deliver the pizzas we make, it’s carryout only. Had a customer call and have a long/angry conversation with me because I wouldn’t deliver to her. She proceeds to say (a couple times) “you must be new here. I know the owner personally”, to which I responded “well I’m the owners daughter and we don’t deliver”.


Idiot comes in with a coupon for a free iPod. Fine print says "Guaranteed and payable by Bill Gates". I asked why would Bill Gates guarantee and Apple product. Idiot left.


Sold a guy a phone years ago when I worked for a wireless carrier. Spent an hour getting all his information transferred and set up his new phone. He comes in the next day with a shattered screen. Apparently he didn’t remember that I was the rep who helped him and proceeded to tell me that is how it looked when he left the store. Needless to say the phone was not replaced.


A woman came in, grabbed an herb-roasted rotisserie chicken, moseyed over to the casual seating, ate 85% of it with her bare hands, then brought the carcass to customer service and tried to return it.


I was only allowed to give customers sauce cups if they got popcorn chicken. Then I could only give two.

Customers knew we charged them for it, so they'd ask for it as they were picking up their meal, after they were rung up. I didn't care, so I just gave it to them if my manager wasn't looking.

What really pissed me off was when a customer would have kids and send her kids up repeatedly because they knew they weren't supposed to have more. If the kids got told no, they'd scream.


I worked at a smaller Rona store in Ontario. Since its a smaller store I looked after some departments, cut keys, invoiced, paint desk, returns ect. Customer comes back to our service desk (return desk as well cause we inspect the product) fucking guy comes in and tries to return something stupid and low in price with a brand i dont recognise. Buddy hands me a Home Depot receipt ? I'm like. This is a home depot receipt. Customer was like "Ohhh" then left.


Had a guy come in and try to return 4 pairs of reading glasses, all different scripts, and multiple charges that were all for different phones. No receipt, claimed they were birthday presents from his wife. It was over 80 dollars worth of product and my manager knew he was full of shit so she said they couldn't do a return. He ended up trying 3 other stores that were nearby and they all said the same thing.


I used to work at del taco in my town and it was known for being out of everything, always being short staffed and ridiculously long wait times. So this lady used to come in all the time and there was ALWAYS something wrong with her order. She came in one day and ordered one of our big burritos, rang her in, and proceeded to make her food. 10 minutes later she came in conveniently as I was getting slammed and took a chunk of her short brown hair (I have long red hair) put the hair and the burrito in a bag, cussed me out a refund. Where did that come from? How? I just gave her a refund because I could give a fuck


i work at a clothing store, and whenever a customer comes with a bunch of receipts for multiple returns on previous purchases, i always think they are trying to rip us off somehow. i dont think they actually are, but it always feels like they are. why else would they buy a ton of shit, and then return all of them separately (sometimes at different stores) still with the tags on?


If grocery counts as retail, I worked in a bakery department of a local grocery chain. We often had regular customers get extravagant cakes done by our decorators, also knew that if they complained enough, they could get it for free (if the right pushover managers were present). One night, we had a customer come in very late to pick up her two cakes, one shaped like Pacman, and another half sheet made into a Pacman map with our lovable ghosts on it.




She gushed about it as we packed it up, after showing her how it turned out. And as we handed to her over the counter, she sort of stopped and thought. Opened it up again, and started complaining about how it was all wrong. She just didn't think any of it was what she ordered. We insisted, and showed her the paperwork for the phone order she placed. It was exact to the t. She still wouldn't have any of it.

"It's okay, I've done this before. Just call [manager's on duty name], he knows me, he'll give it to me for free!" She smiled as we called him.

He was livid. Told her he couldn't take any discount, but he'll keep the cake there and she didn't have to buy it if she didn't want it.

I left for the end of my shift at that point, and all I remember is her face looking shocked. I'm not sure how the outcome played, but we were told the next morning to not take large orders over the phone any more.


A co-worker that worked at a grocery store with my friend apparently accepted prop movie money as payment.

It said right on it "for use in film production only" or something similar. Pretty ridiculous, but it worked lol


My friend works at a pet store. They banned quite a few people because they didn't set up their aquariums correctly (no, you can't just throw fish in there), killed at least $200+ worth of fish over the course of 3 weeks, and tried to return them all the time. One of those people worked for a vet and the aquarium was set up at the clinic.


Did a few weeks on a pet shop, someone tried to return a rabbit because they got the wrong gender. We can't actually tell the gender until they get to a certain age, not with 100% clarity anyways. They just lost the coin flip


Worked at a second hand retailer. Customer wanted to buy a stereo off our merchandise that's been declared final sale. Stuff that's broken, if you can fix great deal. We sold it at cost. This customer asked me to test it. I told him it wasn't a good deal, but I'd test it any way. Test it out and the sound was slightly off on the left side. Again the reason it was on the finale sale table. He asks for a better price. It's at cost. So I offer 5 bux out of my own pocket. After 30min of haggling, missing out on other sales he asks for it half off. I just walked away.


Get a receipt from the parking lot, finds the item and tries to return it.


When I worked at a makeup counter at Nordstrom, a customer brought in a bag of products she wanted to return. I start unpacking them and all of them have “tester” engraved on the bottom. I told her that I was sorry but I couldn’t return them because they were testers. She then gave me a sob story about how her boyfriend gave them to her as a gift, she doesn’t like them, blah blah blah. Eventually she gives up and leaves. It was about $2,000 worth of skincare. I also watched someone steal skincare off the shelf and try to return it. Fun times


I had a woman come in to buy $300 of store gift cards, paid with a check which already had her drivers license number written on it (normally we check ID and write the number on it ourselves) and when I put the check through the verification machine it declined it. I told her it was declined but also called the manager to confirm that we couldn’t take it and cancel the transaction. I was kinda new at the time so I guess that’s when I found out we always have to check ID for checks even if they already wrote the number on it. Also that’s the only time anyone tried to buy that much in gift cards so after that I knew that’s a red flag too. Iirc she didn’t put up much of a fight, just acted surprised that the check was declined and then gave up on the gift cards.


I worked in a shoe store when crocs became a big deal and we had a display of them hanging and these 2 women walked in and were like can we swap the ones they just bought for a different pair they were moving them around so fast eventually they found their pair and I think they took a second pair cuz one was distracting me while the other was doing something shady.


I am one of the managers at a retailer and we were currently hiring a bunch of new associates for the holiday season and a customer had come in and asked for a shopping bag (gearing towards a new associate who barely knew anything yet). She gave him the shopping bag but immediately called me over because she didn’t feel right about it. The customer ended up filling up the bag with merchandise and tried walking out. Little did he know that there security tags on them so the alarm went off.

I was by the front door and politely walked up to him and said something along the lines of “hey let me just check for security tags so you don’t find them when you get home”... he oddly complied. As I was checking the bag I asked him for his receipt and he said “I don’t have it but I just checked out over there”...pointing at the general cash register area.

I then said “okay let’s see if we can print you a new receipt” and as I was walking over to do so, I heard commotion and it was him tripping over the carts and running out of our store. Haven’t seen him since and we have made it a point to let EVERY associate (old or brand new) know NOT to give our our store bags unless purchasing right then and there.


I used to work at a gas station. Had someone try to tell me that he got free beer because Donald Trump wasn't taking a salary as President of the United States.


Someone woman came in with a Xbox one box with a brick inside It, saying we sold it to her like this


My Mum and I were shopping earlier today and saw a man using his kid to pretend to look at Halloween costumes while stuffing bottles of wine into his leather satchel. He was so brazen he even saw us looking, smiled at us then took a bottle out, only to put it straight back in again when he thought we had walked away. The fact he was using his kid as a cover-up was awful and this was a supermarket so i doubt the wine was even expensive .


Customers are always trying to buy coolers they've filled with items that they're trying to steal, and they tend to go to the self-scan so that the cashier won't check inside it once they pick it up and it's heavier than it should be. Well, the self-scan belts weigh the item, so when they scan the cooler and put it on the belt, I get a little ping telling me "uhhh this customer's tryna put 4 lbs of stuff on the belt when the item weighs 1 lb..." And you just know that when you go over and check the inside, they're going to be like "Oh my gosh!!! How did that get in there!!!! I didn't even check inside it!!!!" Like bitch yes you did, I'm not THAT stupid.


My first day at Walmart a lady took the price off a cheap canopy and stuck it on an expensive one and then demanded to buy the expensive one at that price. Funny thing is that I saw her do it, and I let the manager know, she never got that canopy at her price.


Not a scam but I once had a Nigerian couple try to haggle down the price of a TV at checkout in Bestbuy


I work at a clothing store, and about a year ago I had a very very drunk 50+ year old lady come through my line. After ringing up her $100+ worth of clothes, she then began to hit on me and insinuate that she could “work” for the free clothes, if you get what I mean. That was the quickest nope I have ever said in my life, would not recommend lol


I used to work retail (at a well-known teen clothing store) and multiple customers tried to return pairs of used panties. We had a policy where this wasn't allowed but one day my boss said "fuck it" because she didn't feel like dealing, and she accepted the return. Luckily, she didn't put it back in stock like we normally would with returns.


"My phone is broken I want to use your 30 day return policy." Me thinking this is a guys phone who has broken within first 30 days "Of course sir i'm very sorry this happened i'll do that for you now let me just check the system for your phone" checks system "Sir...according to my information your Phone is 11 years old...?" "Yes and?" "I can't give you a 30 day return i'm afraid." "Why not?!"


A guy purchased a hot water heater, replaced his broken one, put it in the box, taped it back up, and attempted to ‘return’ the merchandise. He claimed that he realized he didn’t need it after he had purchased it.


They cut off a tag off an expensive jacket, (I saw them do this), walked up to me and tried to "return it". Security showed them the doors.


Customer returned a Sony digital camera and said the camera just stopped working. I have a good nose and I could smell cordial. Pushed the lens flap back and cordial smeared over the lens. I told the customer to go jump, they called for the manager. I got a written warning for refusing the customer and the company got to pay for the return to Sony and the jerk who destroyed the camera got to walk away with their money.


I couple months ago I was at work. I had a lady and she was joking around and a lot of fun to work with. When she was finished in the change room she came out and said she found a defect in the top she wanted. It wasn’t a defect it was a stitch reinforcement. I told that to her but she wasn’t having it. I told her I could do 10% off just to make the customer happy. She was excited about that and kept shopping. I got moved to cash as she was and she came up to the desk to buy her stuff. When I got to the top she told me “one girl said I could have a discount for a defect I think she said 25%”. I couldn’t believe that she didn’t recognize me. I’m The only girl in the store with short hair and not girlie at all, I very much stand out there. I told her very sweetly “that was me and I said 10%”. She agreed and as I was putting in the discount started asking if I could do 25% just for her. Ummm ma’am 1) I don’t know you 2) I shouldn’t be doing a discount at all and 3) you already lied to my face about what I had said. I just looked at her and told her “I really wish I could but I shouldn’t being doing a discount at all and I like this job and need to pay my bills” after trying a couple more times she finely agreed to the 10%


Not necessarily a scam as such but one customer in the pub I worked in was a known criminal.

One day he came in with a load of stained bank notes and claimed a biro exploded in his pocket. We already knew one of the money vans had been robbed the night before and the driver was in hospital with serious injuries. Every time we served him, we made sure to use the till nearest to CCTV so the transaction was seen and kept the money in a separate part of the till. About two hours later when we felt we had enough evidence, we called the police and he was arrested immediately.


I was a cashier at a very busy grocery store. We were slammed, per usual, on a Sunday (weekends are always nuts). It was holiday season. You almost become numb after working on a register, saying the same line & making the same robotic movement a million times for hours. It's easy to sort of get into a daze unless you have really engaging customers. A couple comes up after acting weird while waiting in my line for the past few minutes. I can't even remember what they were trying to purchase, but it was a small order and they were already throwing off weird vibes and acting sketchy. As I cash them out, in the process of making change and money still in my hand, she asks to break a big bill. I agree to do it, but ask for her to wait a sec. Some weird thing happens in the cash swap process. They pulled some weird tactic that would have easily confused anyone. She accuses me of giving wrong change. Meanwhile I know I counted it right and broke the bill right. Had to show her multiple times, until she knew she wasn't going to get away with it. Defeated, they awkwardly scurried out. She was trying to scam me out of a bunch of money, which would have been easy if you weren't paying a ton of attention. Luckily, I was on top of things at this moment, otherwise there would have been a huge cash variance and I probably would have been fired. I just remember being like...did that actually just happen???


I was working at a toy store and we were having our semi-annual sale. The most expensive thing we sold were these scooters for about $100. It was a pretty small place. This customer comes in and wants to return a scooter they purchased 7 months ago, and then re-buy it to get the sale. The sale was only 20% off your most expensive item. We explained it was way past the return date and that we couldn't accept it. He proceeds to start shouting how we were a scamming him because no one told him there would be a sale coming up.


Woman came in with boxes of dog toys that we didn’t even have in our particular store. This was the second time she had done this too because one if our older cashiers had taken it the first time. Manager wouldn’t have it and put her on the no sale list.


Worked at a gym: "Let me in for free and I'll be your best friend" Bitch, I don't even know you.

Worked at a theater. Guy was a quarter short on his ticket cost: "You're gonna lose out on the rest of this money and lose a customer over twenty-five cents?!" Yeah, fucker. Pay the cost or get out.


I worked in a higher end gas station. We would have this guy come in, get 2 $5 packs of jerky on sale for $7 on his food stamps then wait until shift change and come return them for $10.30 cash since he would return them one at a time... then buy cigarettes and beer


I have a story from the other side... My friend and I went to Vegas for new year's, and had to stay in a cheaper place. Naturally, I also brought my Wii so we could play smash bros in the hotel room. Well, the TV was too old in the room, and I couldn't hook up the Wii. So I drove to the closest Best Buy, and bought a flatscreen tv. I unpackaged it very carefully, remembering where the packaging goes and not removing anything unless I had to. Later I carefully packed it back up and took it back. Just said I didn't want it anymore, pokerface.


Worked in a pub chain in the UK about 5 years ago. Kid came in with a photocopy of a £20 note and tried to buy a drink with it. Photocopy was black and white and covered half a page of A4. Nice try dude...


Used to work at a pizza place. Got a call from a woman asking about our “Buy one get one free pizza deal.” It was a big pizza chain and they definitely didn’t have a deal THAT generous going on at all, or anytime recently or planned for the future.

I told her we didn’t have a deal like that going on, so she told me “well it’s for my grandma and she has dementia and said she saw it on TV. She’ll get mad if she doesn’t get that deal, so could you just give me the deal anyway?”

“Uh no, sorry.”

The coupons were pre-made buttons in the system anyway that could only be selected if the order fit the coupon requirements. So even I wanted to give her a free pizza I couldn’t.


Worked at target. Customer thought shes be sneaky sneaking 100$ of clothing in a stroller with her kid and try and pay my regrister for a 24$ shirt with a fake $100. I had a counterfeit pen on me. Moment it turned up fake she said that it was real blah blah blah and she doesn't have time for this stuff and is in a hurry for some baby shower and doesnt have anything but that bill to pay. She made such a scene a manager came up and as she was I saw a tag sticking out under the blanket she had cover on the bottom carrier of the stroller and pointed it out. Manager asked her what was in the stroller and we told her put the stuff back or pay or well get the police involved. Man she had the walk of Shame walking out with her kid. So many people witnessed such a bad example.


Telling me she had a voucher for 50% off in her emails, but she didn’t have a copy with here. I was like no hun, nice try.


Well I’m not a retail worker but my mom bought a pair of shoes once and wore them a whole day, she didn’t like them so she asked me to take em back. She cleaned them up of course and when I went in to return them, the manager was training a guy and said if they’ve ever been worn they won’t take them back. So he picked the shoes up, turned them over and said “yep they’ve never been worn, good as new!” And we got the return.