Every Character In Teenage Bounty Hunters Is A Secret Softie

Netflix's new series Teenage Bounty Hunters is about exactly what it sounds like it's about: teenagers who are bounty hunters. But because twin protagonists Sterling (Maddie Phillips) and Blair (Anjelica Bette Fellini) are teenagers, they also experience all the regular aspects of that life like annoying high school bullies, romantic drama, and whether they can catch that dangerous criminal who skipped his bail— wait, no, that's the bounty hunter part again.

Created by writer Kathleen Jordan in her first showrunning role and executive produced by Jenji Kohan, creator of Weeds and Orange Is the New Black, this series is a more comedic take on the seedy world of bounty hunting. Again, that's because it's focused on its teenage protagonists and not all the actual dangerous realities of hunting down people who have skipped bail. (Although it has its terrifying moments, to be sure.)

The characters that round out both the bounty hunting and the teenage parts of Blair and Sterling's life run the gamut from tough-but-soft mom, tough-but-soft bounty hunting mentor, tough-but-soft high school bully, soft-and-soft high school boyfriend, soft-but-tough high school boyfriend, and more. If that's not clear enough, we dove further into all of their personalities in this character guide. But once you watch, you'll get exactly who we were talking about here.

Sterling Wesley (Played By Maddie Phillips)

Who She Is: If you asked her twin sister Blair, she'd say that Sterling is the favorite child. Sterling is pretty goody-two-shoes, but she has her moments of teenage rebellion.

Defining Moment: When she quotes passages of the Bible to convince her boyfriend that it's okay to have sex. That's when it's clear that there's more to her devout, blonde, straight-A student persona.

Where Have You Seen Her Before? Phillips has been in a lot of those warm and fuzzy Hallmark and Lifetime TV movies like A Feeling of Home and Santa's Boots.

Something To Look Out For: Her tension with her sworn enemy April (Devon Hales) takes an unexpected turn midway through the season.Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Blair Wesley (Played By Anjelica Bette Fellini)

Who She Is: The wild-child twin, Blair is unabashedly herself, whether that means listening to heavy metal, having sex before marriage, or poking holes in the richie-rich world she comes from.

Defining Moment: Her mom tells her not to bring up her liberal politics with her conservative grandparents at dinner, but Blair literally cannot help it. Relatable AF.

Where Have You Seen Her Before? As Rebecca on The Gifted.

Something To Look Out For: All the ways that she and Sterling seem like polar opposites. Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Debbie Wesley (Played By Virginia Williams)

Who She Is: The picture perfect mom and wife who goes to church, throws boozy book club meetings, and probably, definitely has been called a Karen by a barista or a valet (let's be real, it's both).

Relationship With The Teenage Bounty Hunters: As their mom, she's tough on them. But she also understands that they're teenagers, and teenagers make mistakes.

Defining Moment: It's too much of a spoiler to say, but we'll just tease that things get WILD in the last few episodes.

Where Have You Seen Her Before? As DJ Tanner's creepily similar foil CJ in Fuller House. Her ability to so closely mirror someone else comes in handy in this series too. Photo: Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage.

Bowser Simmons (Played By Kadeem Hardison)

Who He Is: A gruff bounty hunter whose side hustle is running a frozen yogurt shop. This pretty much explains his entire personality. Hard on the outside, soft on the inside.

Relationship With The Teenage Bounty Hunters: When they happen upon one of his bounty hunting missions, he's impressed by their natural skill and takes them on as (very illegal) interns and part-time yogurt shop employees.

Notable Character Moment: When a distraught Blair calls needing someone to talk to, he drops everything for her. He's such a teddy bear.

Where Have You Seen Him Before? Lots of places like A Different World and White Men Can't Jump, but most recently as Wilkerson in Psych 2. Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Terrance Coin (Played By Method Man)

Who He Is: A YouTube famous bounty hunter (with a cooking channel as well); he's everything Bowser wants to be. And he's always beating Bowser to the punch.

Relationship With The Teenage Bounty Hunters: They're both super obsessed with his striking good looks and super cool bounty hunting video content.

Defining Moment: When he gives away his secret cinnamon roll recipe that I'm going to need to try immediately, because it sounds delicious.

Where Have You Seen Him Before? You've probably heard him before as part of the Wu-Tang Clan. But he's also been in The Last O.G., The Wire, and How High.Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Luke Creswell (Played By Spencer House)

Who He Is: Basically Teenage Bounty Hunter's version of Colton Underwood from The Bachelor. Take that as you will.

Relationship With The Teenage Bounty Hunters: He's Sterling's boyfriend who is... let's just say, not as smart as her. He plays golf and the guitar, but not people's emotions, because his momma didn't raise him that way.

Defining Moment: He sings a (not great) original song about Sterling while at a memorial that she's throwing for a teacher. Talk about bad timing.

Where Have You Seen Him Before? He's a Netflix darling who plays Clark in The Society and Duncan Tabner in Space Force.Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

April Stevens (Played By Devon Hales)

Who She Is: Every school rival you've ever had rolled into one.

Relationship With The Teenage Bounty Hunters: She goes to school with them, but she has particularly prickly history with Sterling. The two had a falling out in fifth grade, and they've been making each other's lives miserable ever since.

Defining Moment: It's not so much a moment, as the speed with which she can jump from faux friendly to vicious. It will bring you straight back to high school. Sorry.

Where Have You Seen Her Before? Nowhere extremely notable, so this could be a breakout role for her.

Miles Taylor (Played By Myles Evans)

Who He Is: The valet at the local country club

Relationship With The Teenage Bounty Hunters: He's crushing hard on Blair, and though she brushes him off initially, she eventually sees something in him too.

Defining Moment: When he shows up for a date with Blair and reveals that he's not the dorky valet driver she thought he was. He's, as Blair puts it, hot.

Where Have You Seen Him Before? As Student #2 in Kevin (Probably) Saves the World and Yes, God, Yes. He also played Greeter #2 in Miracle Workers. Maybe after this show he'll have a chance to play #1.Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

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