Famed All-Girls School Will Accept Biological Males Identifying as Girls, but Not Females Preferring ‘He/Him’ – Opinion

America’s sex-slashing revolution rolls on.

In Nashville, iconic all-girls school Harpeth Hall has announced it will no longer be girls-only — at least, not in the conventional sense.

The famed private institution has opened potential admission to any males who declare they’re girls.

Harpeth announces the progress of Outkick.com in an email she sent out to parents

Students are constantly changing as the world develops. Gender has been defined and expanded over the years.

In response to “good and important questions about gender inclusion,” the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee of the Board of Trustees has “heard from experts on the topic, shared educational articles, and consulted with other girls schools.” Subsequently, three new guidelines have been adopted.

Firstly, “identity” is the new “sex”:

Harpeth Hall school is for girls. It is a unique school culture that is distinctly focused on girls. This includes the frequent use of pronouns for girls in collective and individual references. Anyone who is a girl can apply for admission to the school. Harpeth Hall is home to many girls who have joined and stayed because of our mission.

Second, safety must be a priority

Harpeth Hall is open to the development of every student. It recognizes that teenagers are naturally curious and asking questions about many things. This may involve the need to question gender identity or the desire for nonbinary identification. Harpeth Hall approaches gender identification with understanding, open communication and not with shame or anothering. It will create a safe space for students to share their needs with family members and to work together to address them individually.

Thirdly, the converse of number one applies — if a girl decides she’d like to switch to he/him pronouns, that enrollee will no longer be considered a girl:

Our school is not a school that can serve a girl student well if they express a desire for gender identity or to adopt the he/him pronouns. We see this acknowledgment as the ultimate form of respect: an understanding that we support the individual and the student’s gender identity. Harpeth Hall will collaborate thoughtfully with students and their families to determine next steps.

According to it, any girl identifying herself as a boy would be barred from enrolling.

The policy serves as a major bit of news — Harpeth Hall is an iconic facility, having been the elite home to students such as Reese Witherspoon, Amy Grant, and Minnie Pearl.

At 157 years old, it’s substantially aged. But who says old schools can’t learn new tricks? Harpeth’s view on history has been updated by Harpeth, who is so trendy

A school spokesperson told News Channel 5 that gender policies are the result of questions from students as well as parents and alumni.

And, perplexingly:

“Harpeth Hall isn’t changing its admission process, but it’s the first time the school has put on paper its philosophy about gender identity.”

On its Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging webpage, the school urges students to do these three things.

At Harpeth Hall, we embrace each cultural identifier. We believe in the dignity, power, and potential of every individual. We intentionally affirm each girl’s unique identity. Our goal is to teach girls and young women how to think critically and lead with confidence, as well as to live honorably.


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