Feast Your Eyes On The 117 Incredible Winning Shots For The 2020 UK Landscape Photographer Of The Year Contest

Most of us would probably agree that living through these difficult times, it's quite easy to forget how spectacular and mesmerizing the world we live in truly is. Luckily, we've got a lot of talented artists and annual photography contests, such as the Landscape Photographer of the Year competition, that do a very good job of reminding us of all these things.

For the 13th time, this year's Landscape Photographer of the Year competition invited both professional and amateur photographers to celebrate the mesmerizing landscape of the United Kingdom. The contest has four categories as well as the youth competition for photographers aged 18 or under. The winner of the whole contest gets awarded the prestigious title "Landscape Photographer of the Year 2020" and £10,000. In addition, there are also prizes of £1000 and £500 for the images judged the best and second-best in each of four categories. The best photographer in the youth competition becomes the "Young Landscape Photographer of the Year 2020" and wins £1,000.

With that being said, Bored Panda invites you to look through some of the most spectacular shots from the Landscape Photographer of the Year competition 2020.

More info: lpoty.co.uk

#1 Your View Winner: Aleks Gjika, 'Drama At The Lighthouse', Wales

Image credits: Aleks Gjika

#2 Your View Commended: Michael Johnston, 'Beech Tree Avenue', Aberdeenshire

Image credits: Michael Johnston

#3 Youth Lpoty Winner: Joshua Elphick, 'Counting Sheep', Sussex

Image credits: Joshua Elphick

#4 Black And White Commended: David Kidwell, 'Tree In Stythwaite Meadow', Cumbria

Image credits: David Kidwell

#5 Black And White Commended: Tim Walton, 'Strabeg Bothy', Highland

Image credits: Tim Walton

#6 Black And White Winner: Neil Burnell, 'Fantasy', Devon

Image credits: Neil Burnell

#7 Changing Landscapes Runner Up: Wesley Chambers, 'The Cloud Factory', Derbyshire

Image credits: Wesley Chambers

#8 Your View Commended: Peter North, 'Deer In Dawn Mist', Hertfordshire

Image credits: Peter North

#9 Urban Life Commended: Amanda Cook, 'The Bellow At Kingston', London

Image credits: Amanda Cook

#10 Black And White Commended: Alan Storey, 'Fog On The Tyne', Tyne And Wear

Image credits: Alan Storey

#11 Classic View Runner Up: Miguel Pilgrim, 'Seven Sisters Cliffs,' East Sussex

Image credits: Miguel Pilgrim

#12 Your View Commended: Adrian Mills, 'West Pier Starlings', East Sussex

Image credits: Adrian Mills

#13 Urban Life Winner: George Robertson, 'Got You', Glasgow

Image credits: George Robertson

#14 Black And White Commended: Jamie Williamson, 'Shaped By Wind And Wave', North Ayrshire

Image credits: Jamie Williamson

#15 Historic Britain Commended: Gavin Crozier, 'Kilchurn Castle', The Highlands

Image credits: Gavin Crozier

#16 Your View Commended: Daniel Kenealy, 'Good Morning Buachaille Etive Mòr', The Highlands

Image credits: Daniel Kenealy

#17 Your View Commended: Will Milner, 'Mirkwood', Buckinghamshire

Image credits: Will Milner

#18 Black And White Commended: Frans Van Hoogstraten, 'Totternish Ridge', Isle Of Skye

Image credits: Frans van Hoogstraten

#19 Classic View Highly Commended: Chris Gorman, 'Majestic Winter', Highland

Image credits: Chris Gorman

#20 Classic View Commended: David Andrews, 'Herringfleet Frosty Sunrise', Suffolk

Image credits: David Andrews

#21 Historic Britain Commended: Amanda Burgess, 'Cathedral Of The Marshes', Suffolk

Image credits: Amanda Burgess

#22 Historic Britain Winner: Graham Mackay, 'Wallace Monument From The Banks Of The Forth', Stirlingshire

Image credits: Graham Mackay

#23 Classic View Commended: Drew Buckley, 'Sugarloaf', Brecon Beacons

Image credits: Drew Buckley

#24 Classic View Commended: Mark Whitmarsh, 'Misty Sunrise, Colmer's Hill', Dorset

Image credits: Mark Whitmarsh

#25 Your View Commended: Ross Hoddinott, 'White And Warm', Devon

Image credits: Ross Hoddinott

#26 Classic View Commended: Neil Burnell, 'Pillars', Devon

Image credits: Neil Burnell

#27 Classic View Commended: Terry Gibbins, 'Autumn Crunch', London

Image credits: Terry Gibbins

#28 Classic View Winner: Leigh Dorey, ' Roman Road', Dorset

Image credits: Leigh Dorey

#29 Black And White Commended: Graham Norton, 'Lonely Walk', Berkshire

Image credits: Graham Norton

#30 Your View Commended: Gary Waidson, 'Castlerigg Circle Of Light', Cumbria

Image credits: Gary Waidson

#31 Landscapes At Night Winner: Alyn Wallace, 'Protector', Anglesey

Image credits: Alyn Wallace

#32 Black And White Commended: Tracey Whitefoot, 'Winter Sketch', Nottinghamshire

Image credits: Tracey Whitefoot

#33 Changing Landscapes Commended: John Hayward, 'Ironbridge Cooling Towers Demolition', Shropshire

Image credits: John Hayward

#34 Changing Landscapes Commended: Steven Cole, 'Cool Power', Nottinghamshire

Image credits: Steven Cole

#35 Classic View Highly Commended: Josh Cooper, 'Sunset Over The Mawddach Estuary', Mawddach Estuary

Image credits: Josh Cooper

#36 Classic View Commended: Simon King, 'Elgol Cauldron', Isle Of Skye

Image credits: Simon king

#37 Classic View Commended: Stuart Mcglennon, 'Shoots', Cumbria

Image credits: Stuart McGlennon

#38 Urban Life Commended: Emily Endean, 'Rushing By', London

Image credits: Emily Endean

#39 Your View Commended: Neil Burnell, 'The Hidden Land', Devon

Image credits: Neil Burnell

#40 Lines In The Landscape Winner: Brian Nunn, 'Ribblehead', North Yorkshire

Image credits: Brian Nunn

#41 Black And White Commended: Jason Hudson, 'The Copse', Cumbria

Image credits: Jason Hudson

#42 Black And White Highly Commended: Martin Steele, 'Talisker Sands', Isle Of Skye

Image credits: Martin Steele

#43 Black And White Commended: Nicola Fea, 'Lone Mountain', Highland

Image credits: Nicola Fea

#44 Classic View Commended: Darryn Kemper, 'Marble Sands', Isle Of Harris

Image credits: Darryn Kemper

#45 Classic View Commended: Joe Rainbow, 'Wild Cornwall', Cornwall

Image credits: Joe Rainbow

#46 Classic View Commended: Martin Birks, 'Langdale', Cumbria

Image credits: Martin Birks

#47 Classic View Highly Commended: Russell Gunning, 'The Boat House', Lake District

Image credits: Russell Gunning

#48 Historic Britain Runner Up: Gregg Wolstenholme, 'Winter's Coming', Lancashire

Image credits: Gregg Wolstenholme

#49 Your View Commended: Simon Pearce, 'Leaf And Drops', Derbyshire

Image credits: Simon Pearce

#50 Your View Commended: Sophia Spurgin, 'Wet Grass And Tree', Cumbria

Image credits: Sophia Spurgin

#51 Chris Lauder, 'Reeds On Loch Ard', Loch Lomond And The Trossachs National Par

Image credits: Chris Lauder

#52 Black And White Commended: Chris Shepherd, 'The Shard', London

Image credits: Chris Shepherd

#53 Black And White Commended: Gary Collyer, 'The Goods Shed', Oxfordshire

Image credits: Gary Collyer

#54 Black And White Commended: Raymond Besant, 'Yesnaby Tree Wave', Orkney Islands

Image credits: Raymond Besant

#55 Black And White Commended: Tim Burgess, 'Nun's Cross Farm', Devon

Image credits: Tim Burgess

#56 Black And White Commended: Tim Jones, 'Phoenix Rising', Devon

Image credits: Tim Jones

#57 Classic View Commended: Chris Harding, 'Roughting Linn', Northumberland

Image credits: Chris Harding

#58 Classic View Commended: Nigel Morton, 'Window Of Opportunity', Norfolk

Image credits: Nigel Morton

#59 Classic View Commended: Tom Roe, 'Fairy Pools', Isle Of Skye

Image credits: Tom Roe

#60 Landscapes At Night Commended: Sebastian Kraus, 'Night At Caisteal Abhail', Isle Of Arran

Image credits: Sebastian Kraus

#61 Lines In The Landscape Commended: David Queenan, 'Criss Crossing', Inchgarvie And Fife

Image credits: David Queenan

#62 Urban Life Commended: Dan Thwaites, 'The High Level Bridge', Tyne And Wear

Image credits: Dan Thwaites

#63 Urban Life Commended: Hannah Faith Jackson, 'Night Falls On Strathaven', South Lanarkshire

Image credits: Hannah Faith Jackson

#64 Urban Life Commended: Richard Walker, 'One Poultry', London

Image credits: Richard Walker

#65 Urban Life Commended: Ryan. Leith, 'Msc Preziosa', Shetland

Image credits: Ryan Leith

#66 Urban Life Highly Commended: Tony Higginson, 'Dog Walker, Haslam Park', Lancashire

Image credits: Tony Higginson

#67 Your View Commended: Faye Dunmall, 'Gaia', Northumberland

Image credits: Faye Dunmall

#68 Your View Commended: Gary Attwood, 'Dawn Beacon', West Berkshire

Image credits: Gary Attwood

#69 Lpoty 2020 Winner: Chris Frost, 'Woolland Woods', Dorset

Image credits: Chris Frost

#70 Black And White Highly Commended: Baxter Bradford, 'Winter Tranquillity', Lake District

Image credits: Baxster Bradford

#71 Black And White Commended: Edward Rumble, 'Tidal Pool', Somerset

Image credits: Edward Rumble

#72 Black And White Highly Commended: James Reed, 'The Fishermans Hut', Northumberland

Image credits: James Reed

#73 Black And White Commended: Mark Cornick, 'Architectural Artery', London

Image credits: Mark Cornick

#74 Changing Landscapes Commended: Ian Mountford, 'Rising', Derbyshire

Image credits: Ian Mountford

#75 Classic View Commended: Matt Oliver, 'Sky Fire', Snowdonia

Image credits: Matt Oliver

#76 Classic View Commended: Mike Lloyd, 'Lewis And Harris', Isle Of Lewis

Image credits: Mike Lloyd

#77 Classic View Commended: New Cartledge, 'Silence', The Highlands

Image credits: Nev Cartledge

#78 Historic Britain Commended: Neil Fraser, 'Sunset At Rattray Head Lighthouse', Aberdeenshire

Image credits: Neil Fraser

#79 Landscapes At Night Runner Up: Wesley Chambers, 'Light Pass', Derbyshire

Image credits: Wesley Chambers

#80 Lines In The Landscape Commended: Helen Shelmerdine, 'Ribblehead Viaduct', North Yorkshire

Image credits: Helen Shelmerdine

#81 Lines In The Landscape Commended: John Davidson, 'Criccieth', Gwynedd

Image credits: John Davidson

#82 Urban Life Commended: Diana Jarvis, 'Smoke On Fire, Turner Contemporary Gallery', Kent

Image credits: Diana Jarvis

#83 Urban Life Urban Life: Jay Birmingham, 'Reflecting On The City', London

Image credits: Jay Birmingham

#84 Urban Life Commended: Martin Humby, 'Worcester Cathedral And Backyards', Worcestershire

Image credits: Martin Humby

#85 Urban Life Commended: Sam Proctor, 'Flying Solo', Edinburgh

Image credits: Sam Proctor

#86 Your View Highly Commended: John Potter, 'Frozen Birch Leaves Kinlochleven', Glen Coe

Image credits: John Potter

#87 Your View Commended: Lee Acaster, 'Undercurrents', London

Image credits: Lee Acaster

#88 Your View Commended: Paul Bullen, 'Kilchurn And The Tree', Argyll And Bute

Image credits: Paul Bullen

#89 Your View Commended: Richie Johns, 'A Watchfull Eye', Devon

Image credits: Richie Johns

#90 Your View Runner Up: Duncan Graham, 'When The Snow Came To Town', Dorset

Image credits: Duncan Graham

#91 Changing Landscapes Winner: Graham Eaton, 'When The Fog Parted', North Wales Coast

Image credits: Graham Eaton

#92 Black And White Runner Up: David Southern, 'Kittiwake Breeding Colony', Northumberland

Image credits: David Southern

#93 Black And White Commended: Ian Biggs, 'Deep Winter', Perth And Kinross

Image credits: Ian Biggs

#94 Black And White Commended: Keith Truman, 'Newborough Storm', Anglesey

Image credits: Keith Truman

#95 Classic View Commended: Bill Ward, 'Incoming Storm, Luskentyre', West Harris

Image credits: Bill Ward

#96 Landscapes At Night Commended: Daniel Pecena, 'Full Moon At Merrivale', Dartmoor

Image credits: Daniel Pecena

#97 Urban Life Commended: Chris Gorman, 'Urban Chaos', Highland

Image credits: Chris Gorman

#98 Your View Commended: Bob Davis, 'Holme Fen, Hoar Frost', Cambridgeshire

Image credits: Bob Davis

#99 Your View Commended: Lucie Averill, 'Pz Reflections', Cornwall

Image credits: Lucie Averill

#100 Urban Life Commended: Linda Wride, 'Red Route', London

Image credits: Linda Wride

#101 Urban Life Commended: Morag Forbes, 'Glasgow Clydeside', Glasgow

Image credits: Morag Forbes

#102 Urban Life Commended: Susan Shackleton, 'Rush Hour', London

Image credits: Susan Shackleton

#103 Your View Highly Commended: Daniel Ward, 'Down The Middle', Yorkshire

Image credits: Daniel Ward

#104 Your View Commended: Jim Wolfe, 'Buoy Teases Wave', East Sussex

Image credits: Jim Wolfe

#105 Your View Commended: Stephen Finch, 'Lone Beach Boat', Kent

Image credits: Stephen Finch

#106 Black And White Commended: Kieran Hanlon, 'C3po', Somerset

Image credits: Kieran Hanlon

#107 Urban Life Commended: Ashley Chaplin, 'South Bank Bubbles', London

Image credits: Ashley Chaplin

#108 Urban Life Commended: Peter Wilkinson, 'Spread', East Sussex

Image credits: Peter Wilkinson

#109 Urban Life Runner Up: David Boam, 'Tete-A-Tete', Greater Manchester

Image credits: David Boam

#110 Your View Commended: Martin Pickles, 'Summer Evening On Llandudno Prom', Wales

Image credits: Martin Pickles

#111 Your View Commended: Matt Cooper, 'Speeding Through Brighton Pier', East Sussex

Image credits: Matt Cooper

#112 Your View Commended: Mik Dogherty, 'Seaweed Frost', Northumberland

Image credits: Mik Dogherty

#113 Black And White Commended: Rod Ireland, 'Tones Of Winter', Cairngorms

Image credits: Rod Ireland

#114 Landscapes At Night Commended: Terry Gibbins, 'Portal', London

Image credits: Terry Gibbins

#115 Lines In The Landscape Runner Up: Ron Tear, 'Battersea At Dusk', London

Image credits: Ron Tear

#116 Urban Life Highly Commended: Ian Taylor, 'Winter Games', Tyne And Wear

Image credits: Ian Taylor