FINALLY! NBC Airs Segment on Biden’s Crumbling Black Voter Support

Joe Biden continues to be a hit! This Thursday’s edition will be on NBC. Nightly News Lester Holt, anchor, sent Kristen Welker (White House Chief Correspondent) down to South Carolina for a conversation with African American voters regarding their changing support for President Biden. 

Holt also reported as he had earlier on the program. “Biden’s second year of office: Biden’s problems” Holt added among these challenges is Biden’s He gained support from black voters, who helped him to lift his campaign that was once in trouble. Holt gave the segment to Welker, who was reporting from South Carolina. 

Welker, who was first to interview a black Biden voter, was “Helen Bradley (one of President Biden’s most vocal supporters) telling us she is disappointed.” Welker asked her what she believed. “President Biden has done enough for black voters’ priorities” Bradley answered the questions straight away.  “I do not.”

Bradley thinks Biden failed to fight for “voting rights,” the bill. But she wasn’t content to criticize Biden only from the left. As most Americans, she’s deeply worried about inflation. Welker heard from her. The price of groceries is three- to fourfold higher now than ever before. Our paychecks don’t go three to four times as high. 

Welker also spoke with Langston Brooks, and Fletcher Smith about their South Carolina votes. Brooks was concerned about the increasing cost of goods, just like Bradley. Smith, however was concerned more about Biden’s inability reach out to African-American voters in South Carolina as well as the rest of the country. 

Welker reported then on the shocking NBC poll that revealed Biden’s declining support from black voters Not just in South Carolina. Our NBC News poll indicates that Black support for President Biden dropped by 19 points in April. It’s now at 64%.    

Again, credit to NBC. They could have spiked the poll or ran a segment about another topic. They instead told the truth to their viewers. 

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NBC Nightly News 


7.21.05 pm 

LESTER HOLT – President Biden faces many challenges during his second year as an office holder. His once-failing campaign is now facing falling support from black voters. Kristen Welker, our Kristen Welker traveled to South Carolina in order to find out if the President has kept his promises.

KRISTEN WELKER:  It was the state that saved Joe Biden’s presidential campaign.

JOE BIDEN : Thanks. South Carolina, thank you!

WELKER: South Carolina’s Democratic black voters turned out in large numbers to support him during the primary election and eventually the White House. We went back one year later to find out what these voters think now. Helen Bradley, President Biden’s most passionate supporter told us she was disappointed. Is President Biden doing enough to advance the interests of black voters?


WELKER: Bradley, a trustee at her church just outside of Columbia says her top priority is Democrat’s voting rights legislation, which was defeated this week. It is President Biden’s fault that she did not push for it earlier.

BRADLEY – Our forefathers fought long and hard for these rights and it would have been detrimental for them to lose them.

WELKER: Bradley has high praises for the President’s COVID handling, but not for the economy. 

BRADLEY – You’ll find groceries three to four times more expensive than they used to. Our paychecks do not go three or four times as high.

WELKER: LangstonBrooks also worries about the soaring price. How would you rate President Biden?

LANGSTON BROOKS – I’m going to give you a B minus right now. 

WELKER: Okay, so there is room for improvement. 

BROOKS: He does.

WELKER His advice now, more direct outreach.

FLETCHER Smith: While we will remain with him, he should be alongside us. He needs to walk side-by-side with us. Not behind us. However, we will continue to walk side-by-side as Martin Luther King did.

WELKER: It’s not just in South Carolina. The NBC News poll shows that black support has fallen 19 points to President Biden since April. It’s now at 64%. 

WELKER – What are you going to say to the black voters who claim that you have not been as supportive of them on campaign trails?

BIDEN: I’ve had their back my entire career. I’ve never not had their back.

WELKER: James Clyburn, a long-standing Biden ally from South Carolina, urges patience.

CONGRESSMAN JASMES CLYBURN: He was elected as a member of a 4-year-old team. He has been in office only one year. I think it’s a little bit not necessarily disrespectful to expect that everything that he laid out is going to be completed in your first year of your term. 

WELTER: Will these voters allow the President to have more time? 

SMITH: Joe Biden is my only friend. 

BRADLEY. He must show me more. I’m not ready to commit.

WELKER: President needs to revitalize key supporters during a crucial election year. Kristen Welker, NBC News, Columbia, South Carolina.