Focus Ireland and Bord Gáis Energy launch 2020 Shine a Light Night

Focus Ireland and Bord Gis Energy have launched this year's Shine A Light Night initiative, calling on people all over the country to sleep out for one night and raise funds to help Focus Irelands vital services.

Shine A Light Night will take place on the night of October 16 and will see members of the general public sleeping out in their gardens or homes, to raise vital funds to help alleviate homelessness.

On the same night business leaders will sleep out at the Law Society of Ireland, Blackhall Place, Dublin, and Corks historic Spike Island while companies around Ireland can also sign up to support the initiative by pledging to fundraise and sleep out at their workplace.

Focus Ireland and Bord Gis Energy are aiming to raise 1.3 million this year to support the 8,876 people in Ireland who are currently experiencing homelessness.

Since the event began in 2015 Shine A Light Night has raised over 5.3m and in 2019, the support of Bord Gis Energy as sponsors enabled Focus Ireland to help over 14,200 people.

Speaking at the launch, Pat Dennigan, CEO Focus Ireland said; "Focus Ireland works tirelessly with people experiencing homelessness to help them secure their home or to ensure they leave homelessness for good.

"We also work extensively across the area of prevention to make sure many other families and individuals never become homeless in the first place.

"Since COVID-19 we have seen a fall in homeless, however, we believe the sudden lifting of temporary prevention measures such as a rent freeze and ban on evictions could result in a new surge in homelessness as the country reopens.

"In the coming months ahead, the support of organisations like Bord Gis Energy is crucial to make a success of fundraising events like Shine A Light Night which will raise vital funds for our services across the country."

For further information and to sign up to participate in Shine A Light Night 2020