Folks Are Amused By These 33 Kerning Fails That Show How Crucial Character Spacing Is

Being positive towards anything can be difficult, especially in 2021. However, it's forever a great idea to bathe your brain with some good thoughts once in a while. It's not a secret – our world has been through a lot, and society can be particularly toxic, which is why it's important to put love above everything. Everyone deserves respect and appreciation... except for whoever was responsible for creating these kerning fails.

Jokes aside, the spacing between individual letters plays a crucial role in general – but especially when you're designing a project for print. Without kerning, things can end up looking a little rough and will most likely completely change the meaning of the text.

By all means, it's not ideal when it happens, but it will probably make someone laugh. These Reddit users decided to share character spacing disasters that they noticed on posters, clothes etc. The subreddit was created in 2012 and currently has 248K members. Here we've gathered some of the best ones!

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#1 Limit Of Ten

Image credits: PeppermintPhatty

#2 *Whale Emoji*

Image credits: apple_fritterer

#3 Bean Outsider

Image credits: Sir-Frederick-III

#4 Sounds Savory...

Image credits: Dokidokidude

#5 The Entry Of The Carps

Image credits: QueanbeyanPride

#6 What A Terrible Day To Have Eyes

Image credits: PsychicGamingFTW

#7 Can Adult Also

Image credits: taenanaman

#8 You Had Meat Coffee

Image credits: scorpius_rex

#9 Well That’s A Long Word

Image credits: ninetieths

#10 Тhis Sign That Came With A Nutcracker My Mom Recently Bought

Image credits: givemebackwardsknees

#11 #ronics2020

Image credits: 530josh

#12 Absolutely Noink In This Area

Image credits: cabbageofvitrol

#13 Kidsor Kidults

Image credits: MiniMcCarthy

#14 I Think This Belongs Here..

Image credits: kenwards

#15 Thewotldbel

Image credits: xEdwardBlom1337

#16 Has This Been Done Yet

Image credits: seventeenMachine

#17 I'm A Gine?

Image credits: maryamorevnas

#18 Nearly Had A Hemorrhage Trying To Read This

Image credits: djfatman

#19 I Love A Good Activitie Shub, Me

Image credits: daephraelle

#20 Starw Arst O Re

Image credits: ___cian__

#21 Listen Up Kids! The Word Of The Day Is: "Productis"

Image credits: isakdombestein

#22 Bemy Angel

Image credits: mademelosemymarbles

#23 S E R I O U S L Y

Image credits: EoinM17

#24 Dentists Notice

Image credits: Megatrondj

#25 Antioxid Ant

Image credits: Ninja11211

#26 Oh Microsoft…

Image credits: yorsminround

#27 Federallaw Requires Thatthisarea Bevacated Whenneeded Bywheelchair Users

Image credits: OtterSou

#28 Ah Yes The De Sse R Ts Menu

Image credits: drcopus

#29 P Lease•••

Image credits: wissahickon_schist

#30 But Not So Proud Of That Keming, I Hope

Image credits: mmuskO

#31 Happy Hall Oween

Image credits: jumpixx

#32 Tumed Into Momings

Image credits: colo-no-scope-y

#33 I Thought The Spine Was Bad But Then There Was The Cover

Image credits: CrownePrince